My 20 Daily Goals – 12/2/13

I like Sploosh’s idea of 21 Points to Glory.

I’m copying it with my own 20.  I don’t know if I’ll actually post it every day, but I will write it down for my own record.  I just came up with the list now, so here’s my scorecard for 12/2/13.

  1. Out of bed at 6:30am.  +1
  2. Morning workout. +1
  3. Cold shower. +1
  4. Lunch workout TO FUCKING FAILURE. +1
  5. Full day of clean eating. +1
  6. 8 or more cases taken at work. +1
  7. Get a couple games of ping-pong in at work. It’s a good stress-reliever at the end of the day. +1
  8. One blog post. +1
  9. One “venue” of my upcoming San Diego guide book. 0
  10. No jerking it. +1
  11. No booze. 0
  12. Get laid. +1
  13. Go on a date. +1
  14. Make an approach. 0
  15. Get a # close on OKC/Tinder. +1
  16. Half an hour of guitar. +1
  17. Half an hour of reading.  Kindle.  Not the Internet. 0
  18. Don’t check my work email at home.  I don’t get paid enough to do that. +1
  19. Get a new Twitter follower. 0
  20. Lights out in bed by 11pm. 0 – it’s already 10:50 and probably not gonna happen.


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