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6 Top 13 For 2013

Originally I had planned to run this as a Top 13 based off of the number of page views and comments, but for whatever reason, I decided to go through the pain and agony of actually going through and picking out my favorites.  I’ve published close to 150 articles since July of this year, and […]

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Holly Comes Home For The Holidays

I am learning a lot about relationships these past few weeks.  I’m learning you can’t treat it like a pick up attempt.  I’m learning you have to, at some point, let some true colors shine through.  I’m learning that you have to allow yourself to feel a little vulnerable.  I’m learning that it’s terrifying in […]

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Academics Are Writing About My Blog

In light of Return Of Kings viral outrage over the “Eating Disorder” article, in which my “20 Things Women Should Be Shamed For, Not Celebrated” also went crazy, I exchanged about 20 emails with a young university female.  She said she was interested in doing some research for a Social Psychology class at her university: […]

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A Perfect Example Of The Americunt

Originally at ROK. I see Grandma Beatrice every other Christmas. She attends with her husband when the celebration is hosted at my cousin’s house, and on the years that my own family hosts, she goes to her other children’s homes.  Last year’s Christmas set off some fireworks between myself, Grandma Beatrice, and Jayne—my 21 year […]

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Groupie Guests (Reader Mail): Online Game

Anmol and I had an email exchange: Looking for some advice/tips on online game if you have any. Just to make this more focused: 1) About me section. Any advice on what to put here? What message you are trying to convey? 2) Sending a message. This part I seem to be having trouble on. […]

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The Herd

We flock to the clubs and bars of downtown metropolitan areas every Friday and Saturday nights.  Across the nations, millions of people are pre-gaming in their house with shots of cheap vodka before piling into a car and making the trek to the booze and cigarette ash smelling streets that they all consider as glamorous.  […]

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