Happy Thanksgiving - This Is Trouble

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m currently at the parents house of my main girl, H, or Holly.  She invited me up last week rather last minute, and I decided that rather than working the holiday (and admittedly, collecting a fat paycheck) that I would drive up to the Los Angeles area to spend Wednesday night and Thanksgiving Day with her and meet her family.  Admittedly, I’m even a little surprised at myself.  Holly is not someone whom I saw myself dating long-term when we first started seeing each other back in July (just prior to me starting this blog), but she has grown on me in the months since then.  She causes me no drama, we hang out a couple times a week, the sex is good, and I have found her to be even sweeter as she has gradually opened up to me.

I know inviting me up was a big step for her, and deep down, I really did want to go.  I’m disappointed to be missing out on the large payday (close to $1k, before taxes), but my gut told me I should go; I would have regretted it if I hadn’t come up.  I work tomorrow anyways, and it’s another holiday pay day.  What does this mean for our relationship?  I’m really not sure.  She says she gets “crazy jealous” once she’s in a relationship.  She did say a few weeks back, though, “I was really stupid for thinking I could have sex and just hang out with you and not develop feelings.”

She very well might ask me to commit after this.  Will she cut it off when, not if, I shut that down?  Who knows.  What I do know is that my frame is strong as fuck with her.  I’m 22, and I’m not willing to give up everything I’ve worked for on my game to commit to her.  Game isn’t a mean to an ends for me, it’s not a game that ends when the first pretty girl wants to settle down with me.  I would love to have her as a primary long-term girlfriend.  See her 2-3 nights a week, do the sleepover and relationship stuff, but still be gaming on the side.

All I do know is that I made the decision in the moment and no matter what, I won’t regret a thing.  With that being said, since it is Thanksgiving and all, I have to give thanks to the many new friends, bloggers, and life adventures I’ve received from all of you in the Manosphere.  Some of the writing and philosophies have changed my life.  I’ve had a chance to meet some of you in person too, and thankfully I’ve noticed that not everyone is a keyboard jockey who can’t back himself up in the real world.

I’m thankful for the chance to be writing at ROK, thankful for the chance to have every tool to succeed at anything in life, and thankful that I swallowed a little red pill sometime around this time last year.

That little red pill was the best Thanksgiving meal I ever had.  Cheers.


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