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“Great” Arguments From Feminists On “20 Things Women Do That Should Be Shamed, Not Celebrated”

I received this email from a lovely girl named Amanda for my latest Return Of Kings article.  My thoughts are in bold.  You can also scroll down for some lovely comments from these well-mannered, nice, sweet feminists.

Name: Amanda

Hi, I just read your article titled, “20 Things Women Do…”. I am a women who actually has dreams of being a house wife. I thought it was clever that title (why thanks.  i know i am quite clever). Shame. It is such a funny word. When I think of shame I think of my father scolding me (as you should, if he is an alpha male). Shame is what I feel when I read this, mainly for you because it is by far the worst article I have ever read, also for myself for reading it.
You think women would want to be house wives to men who ‘shame’ women for enjoying themselves? You think we want to come home to a man who doesn’t enjoy choking his wife out because she feels like it, or enjoys watching porn? Sluttiness (men want their own personal slut.  not a slut who gets choked out by 2 dudes/week). A word created by men to shame women for sleeping with who they want to and saying no to them.
I am sighing at the pity I feel for you (sighing at the pity?  english plz). How does it feel to have so much hatred and shame for us women? (i love women.  i hate the way some of you are) Does it make you want to start an online blog about it and bitch, I mean write amusing articles that us women can laugh at? (if you were really laughing, you wouldn’t have taken the time to write this piss-poor email, would you have?  if ALL you women just wanted to laugh, you wouldn’t have written comments like the below to me, would you?) You are the epitome of a misogynistic man who will never have a good women. (tell that to the girls in my life that READ this blog) Next time you see a woman dancing on a bar with a smile on her face remember it will never be your cum she swallows (lol.  come out and watch me). And fuck you for shaming single women, you just shamed my mother, and yes she got government assistance paid for by your tax dollars (so you were an accident?). Every time I ate dinner, it was your money. Maybe I should be thanking you, for allowing me to appreciate the next dick I put in my mouth that is not yours, because I am a slut and curvy in all the right places.(this is worthless without pics).
Sincerely, an ‘ashamed’ woman

Now for some of the well-thought-out comments!  There are hundreds more I couldn’t be bothered to go through.

This is the most uneducated thing I have ever read in my life. You are the reason America is failing. People with your small brains shouldn’t even be allowed to have a computer! Cope with your small penis in a different way, don’t write horrible things on the internet to make up for your lack of “masculinity”.

please just shut the hell up and stick something painful in your ass

yo you should go swallow a really fat cock. Like a super fat long shlong. It’s what you secretly want, hating on all these sluts that get so suck as much cock as they want.

I’d lend you mine but I don’t want to catch your cooties you disgusting pig.

LOL, this is the most insane thing I’ve ever read. Stupid boy writing stupid things to fuel his stupid ego. Pathetic. Do the world a favor and do one of the following:
1) Hang yourself
2) Catch yourself on fire
3) Drown yourself
4) Chop off your every limb until you bleed to death
5) Just kill yourself in some general way and save the rest of humanity from your pathetic idiocy.
Look at that, you were just schooled by a feminist.

It’s people like you who end up bitter and alone, which affects no one but yourselves thankfully. Please don’t procreate. I really hope you find that male birth control. Castration works too.

Hi Kaleigh! There actually is a form of male birth control but no one ever talks about it because they’re so caught up in the fact that a woman is having sex blah blah blah long story short: there is, it’s in the form of an injection and it would be so amazing if every guy got it!

I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a strong need to castrate someone I didn’t know. I desperately hope for the sake of humanity that you and all misogynistic idiots like you lose the ability to reproduce.

Thank goodness women are capable of such logical and calm arguments.

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