Never Hold Her Purse - This Is Trouble

Never Hold Her Purse

When a girl asks you to do something, whether it be picking her up when she’s too drunk at the bar,  helping her move, or generally just asking for your assistance with anything, be aware, it’s fully a way of testing you and seeing how compliant you are.  How much control she has over you.  How wrapped up you are in HER reality.  It needs to be vice versa if you want her pussy to still be moist with lubrication.  With that being said, I have a simple formula to use anytime you encounter a “what should I do?” situation with a lady.

Ask yourself: if she was one of my good buddies, what would I do?

If a buddy called me at 3am drunk, and asked me to drive 15 miles to pick him up, would I do it?  Fuck no.  I’d tell his ass to get in a cab.  If a girl called me in the same situation pre-Red Pill days, I would’ve immediately gotten into my car and picked her up.

If a buddy asked me to help him move in exchange for pizza and beers, and gave me enough notice, I’d do my best to help him.  Same applies to a girl.  This is one of those manly things that can be beneficial.  Just make sure the pizza and beer is being exchanged.

If a buddy’s dog died, I’d bring him over some beers.  If a girl’s dog died, I’d probably bring her chocolate.

If a buddy asked me to get up off the couch while watching TV and get him a beer, I’d laugh in his face.  Pre-Red Pill, if a girl asked me, I would’ve been happy to do so.  Now, I’d tell her to stop being a lazy ass and to make me a sandwich while she’s in the kitchen.


See where I’m going with this?  It isn’t necessarily another way to immediately be an asshole to girls.  As you can see from the above examples, it’s all about balance.  It’s simply a way of testing yourself and keeping yourself in check.  When you first start on the path of making panties wet, you don’t have time to think about these things.  But, if you’re spinning plates as you should be, then eventually you start to notice the patterns and tells, and they will become ingrained into your brain.  You’ll know where your “line” is.  If you feel emasculated or like a servant to a woman because she puts demands on you to do things for her, THERE IS A REASON YOU FEEL THAT WAY.  That is your biological spidey sense signaling to your subconscious that your option to procreate with a girl is closing shut as her labia lips curl inwards.

Oh, and NEVER hold her purse.  There is no exception to that one.

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