My Job & Location Independence

As I’ve discussed before, I’m in the field of computers.  The below is exactly what I look like:


Thankfully, I’m kidding.

Recently though, an opportunity arose at work.  A position opened up in a higher engineering department than where I am.  It’s probably the most difficult department that exists in our company, with the most product knowledge and troubleshooting skills needed.  I’d be busy all 8 hours at work with high profile clients, it will be stressful, the raise is only 10% from my current position, and the scope of work is so difficult it will likely take a year before I’m capable of being truly solo, and two to three years before I can really say I know the products and systems well.  So why the hell would I take go after this?

In two years, I can work remotely from anywhere.

I don’t think I want to live in California my whole life, much less America.  This opportunity, if I were to get it, would allow me to work anywhere in the world that I had a power source and Internet connection.  This means I could move to a second-tier European country with a less shitty society, with a salary paying me well over $100,000/year.

With that being said, a couple years where my social life would stay the same, with a little more stress at work, wouldn’t that be worth it?  Fuck yeah.  I don’t want to be a slave to someone forever, but I could go to other countries and be in the very top level of earning power.  I make good money here by any standards, but I live in one of the most expensive cities in the country.  $1,400 a month on rent eats away a lot of fun money, but my lifestyle requires my own place.

I’d be 25, be location independent, with a great career/salary and by then I’d hope I’d be raking in some side money off of this blog or whatever products I put out in the next year or so (shhhhhh ;)).

The skills I’d also develop would allow me to get a job anywhere.  In my field, there’s really three parts to the environments I support.  Big data systems, switches, and the hosts that write the data.  I would have a thorough understanding of all three, from both hardware and software perspectives.  I would be able to perform a thorough analysis of their entire technology/data environment from point-to-point for basically any company in the world.

And THAT pays a lot of money and gives you a lot of flexibility as to where you live.  I’ll be applying for the position and will keep you loyal readers posted as to what happens in the coming weeks.

  • November 14, 2013
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