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One Picture Summing Up Everything Wrong In America: Breakdown

As mentioned yesterday, I took this photo last week while out gaming with some of the guys.  We were at a fairly popular club in the college district of San Diego on a Saturday night.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Here it is again for convenience:


The List Of Wrong (Female)

  1. You can’t tell here, but this lady is probably pushing forty years old.  Admittedly, she has a nice body for her age.
  2. She’s clearly attention whoring.
  3. She’s clearly not receiving it.  Except for…

The List of Wrong (Male)

  1. When girls mention “creepy” guys at the club, this is exactly what comes to mind.
  2. Poor body language.  Shoulders are slouched, though I’m surprised his hands aren’t in his pockets.
  3. Judging by the way is neck is “tilted”, he’s clearly vividly fantasizing about the female who he can never have, when he should be out of HER league.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I took this picture.  It just flat-out disgusted me in many ways, though it’s hard to pinpoint why until you really start to break down the psychology behind all of it.

As mentioned, this lady was pushing forty years old.  She’s kept herself in shape but when I got a good look at her face, she had definitely already hit the wall.  What’s disgusting about this?  The old cougar, out on the prowl, looking to recapture the glory days.  We as a society are generally programmed to think of this as kinda, well, fucking gross.  As much as post-wall female members protest that cougars are desirable and attractive, this is simply not the case.  So when us men see forty year old women up on stage twerkin’ it, we’re just naturally repulsed by it.

In addition to the age factor, she’s also establishing many signs of a slut.  Guys love sluts to fuck, and not much beyond that.  By getting up and attention whoring it, she’s sending plenty of signals that she might give it up, but that she probably won’t be of much good besides a warm vagina.

Yet, I’m sure she wonders why she’s single and hasn’t found anyone.

Meanwhile, I feel so bad for this dude.  He’s probably in his mid-twenties, and while I didn’t get a great look at his face, he doesn’t appear to be a bad-looking guy.  A little pudgy, but an overall solid frame.  He can grow decent facial hair.  His clothes are generally too baggy and as mentioned, his body language is piss-poor, but the point I’m trying to make is: all of this could be corrected with a little guidance, and he would probably be above average for a male.  This is even in San Diego, where the competition is notoriously tough as a guy.

Instead, we’re left with this poor-fitted bastard who is slobbering over the opportunity to stare at, not even talk to, a women who is a half-decade/decade (whatever your scale is) past the wall.  This is the type of guy who sits by the bar nursing his drink while staring around at all the pretty girls, but unable to put himself into action, take risk, and become a man.  A few red pill beliefs instilled, a little bit of coaching, and all of a sudden this guy is living a much more worthwhile life.

Maybe it’s time I start carrying around business cards.

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