A Very Drunk Halloween - This Is Trouble

A Very Drunk Halloween

Drunk Halloween

The below is an extremely badly-written post after I came back from being out on Halloween night.  I had originally planned not to go out for reasons best explained here The Holidays: Amateur Nights on Steroids.

Well, I ended up going out and (for the most part) striking out.  Here are my drunken thoughts, unedited for amusement:

I rthouthgt long and hard about whether or not i should go out on halloween.

I decided i hsoudlnt.  then i had a friend convince m,e that i hsould  yeah, that was stupid.  fukc that.

this is probably the bigget attention whoring, slutty night but not actually go home with a guy tat girls have beisdes maybe new years l. it’s nothing but a cheap ploy to get duds (and chicks) to pay to gert into places ponly to have massive amoutns of bad game and shitty logisitcs take palce.

the best i did tonight?  a make out at a dive bar with a 27 year old named danielle.

girls at the club had so many optins or were so drunk they didn’t even bother.

this iwll be the last tmie i take place in hooday shenanigans.  there is simply no piont.,  i have good neough game now and neough sexual satisfaction that it doesn’t matter me to me whether or not i go out on a silly ahoiday.l

i wouldve been happy at home drinking beer and ordering a piza isntead of walking aorund, standing in line, and dealing iwth massive amounts of dick all around me.

this was written at 1:04 am when i got home compeltrely drunk and definitely a little sloppy.  a sober version field report WILL FOLLOW!!!!!!

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