Where Did I Go Wrong? | Part 2 - This Is Trouble

Where Did I Go Wrong? | Part 2

Part 1

After getting her response, I go silent for a day on her.  Sunday rolls around, and while I would normally wait two days before contacting her, I decide that my chances of nailing a date down for the week are better on Sunday, which is when I make the majority of my plans for the week, anyway.  The text threads goes like this:

ME: Big bird (callback humor), we’re hanging out this week.  What’s your schedule

HER: <gives me times she’s open on Monday-Wednesday>

ME: Tomorrow. 7pm.  <pizza place> (she’s too young for drinks)

HER: I have no idea what that is haha

ME: Awesome pizza.  I’ll pick you up

HER: Sure, I’ll see you then

Seems pretty straightforward right?  Something just didn’t quite sit right, though…at 12:18am I get the following:

HER: Hey Troublemaker, Im sorry but I just went out with my ex and he wants to get back together. Im flattered, but I dont think we should go out.

ME (12 hours later): “gay.  “wants to?””

HER: Yeah, so I think I’m gonna.  Sorry.

ME: big bird, I’m glad you found your soulmate.

So the question is, readers, where did I go wrong here?  I made a critical error during this interaction.  It cost me dearly.  Danny and LaidNYC cannot answer this as we’ve already discussed it.


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