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Fire Will Burn White People To Black

Watch the above video of the hot new game “Knockout”.  How many attacks do they show?  Three.  How many white guys are in that entire video?  One, if you don’t count the news anchors.  How many of the attackers were black?  All of them, unless I’m very much mistaken Yeah, George Zimmerman (discounting the latest […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

I’m currently at the parents house of my main girl, H, or Holly.  She invited me up last week rather last minute, and I decided that rather than working the holiday (and admittedly, collecting a fat paycheck) that I would drive up to the Los Angeles area to spend Wednesday night and Thanksgiving Day with […]

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Review of Christian McQueen’s Stripclub Bible

My fellow Return Of Kings writer Christian McQueen recently released his new book titled Stripclub Bible: The Authority on Picking Up Strippers.  For those of you not familiar with McQueen’s work, here is his biography pulled from the ROK website: About Christian McQueen Christian McQueen is a West-Coast based VIP Host, who spends his time […]

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My Perfect Gym

In my perfect gym, nobody is doing bicep curls in the squat racks. In my perfect gym, people aren’t using squat rack bars (smith) to do push-ups. In my perfect gym, there are just more squat racks than most gyms. In my perfect gym, there’s not lots of stupid TRX shit all over the place. […]

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My First Groupie Guest

Guess what, I’ve hit a new mark.  I have enough mail that I can start posting a weekly column with emails from readers and my responses.  This week’s comes from someone by the name of S.E.B.  I don’t know if they’re a dude or a chick, but I’d guess chick.  In any case, this email […]

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My New Workout Regimen

My new fitness routine of two-a-days starts tomorrow.  I am just coming off of using Serge Nubret’s low-weight, extremely high rep method of workouts.  My overall numbers for lifting are on the low side but the goal is to smash my way up while leaning out. I have a gym at work, but the equipment […]

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Never Hold Her Purse

When a girl asks you to do something, whether it be picking her up when she’s too drunk at the bar,  helping her move, or generally just asking for your assistance with anything, be aware, it’s fully a way of testing you and seeing how compliant you are.  How much control she has over you.  […]

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