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Highs And Lows Of A Female Roller Coaster


Any player worth his salt knows that to get women, you have to take them on a roller coaster of emotions.  Girls want to feel.  It goes hand in hand with the whole “female intuition” mantra.  Girls don’t make decisions in a logical, well-thought-out sense.  They are in a situation, they feel however the fuck they feel, and then they react based off of that feeling.

And we want Hillary in office?

It’s easy enough to prove.  Logically, women don’t want to be turned on by the badboy, but he makes her feel a certain way (turned on) through his actions.  Therefore, her reaction (usually banging the shit out of him) goes very much against logical reasoning and is the victim of her emotional response, both in her brain and between her legs.  On the flip side, the nice guy simply only promotes emotions such as comfort, which are positive, but don’t open the legs and allow access to pussy.

Nowadays, women get their highs and lows from multiple men.  The alpha doesn’t text her back.  Frustration.  The beta offers to buy her dinner.  Slight subconscious disgust followed by validation.  The alpha texts her back a single word.  Anger, but arousal.  The beta pays for dinner.  More validation.  Alpha fucks her good.  She’s high.  Alpha dumps her.  Sadness.  Beta lets her cry on his shoulder.  Comfort.   This is by no means a guaranteed “two-guy” deal, either.  There might be 3-4 betas in the picture feeding her this validation while the alpha fucks her.  In today’s ever sputtering world of social media, this is what it has come to.  With today’s women being dragged in multiple directions by multiple guys, she is literally riding a roller coaster anytime her smart phone is on.

BEEP!  High.  BEEP!  Low.  BEEP!  Comfort.  BEEP!  Turned on.

This means that, more than ever, timing is every crucial to playing the seduction dance.  You need to strike while the iron is hot (or just be alpha, that’s pretty much the cure for everything) and promote the good emotions within her.  Guess what those emotions are.  They are NOT: comfort, validation, or lows. You need to elicit the highs, arousals, and borderline frustration.

You must understand that the girl you’re texting goes on a crazy emotional roller coaster every single day.  Filled with high speeds, drops, flips, and all sorts of other crazy shit.  You need to be the crazy flips and drops.  Don’t be the part where the ride ends and the roller coaster stops.

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