I Underestimate Myself - This Is Trouble

I Underestimate Myself

I Underestimate Myself

Melanie Iglesias.  I doubt anyone would argue with me that she’s a beauty.

I don’t give myself enough credit, at times.  When I found this girl a few days ago through Twitter, something looked strikingly familiar about her.  After scouring Google images for several minutes it started to dawn on me – she bears a striking resemblance to one of my main girls I’ve been seeing.

Now, this girl to me, let’s call her H, is someone I’ve become used to since we began seeing each other earlier this year.  H is a few years older than me, and while she is definitely pretty, I’ve done my best to train my male brain to devalue girl’s beauty.  Putting her on a pedestal simply because she has a cute face and a vagina is a surefire way to lose her affection.

Looking at a picture of Melanie versus H, H is a not-quite-as-pretty version, with a paler complexion and not as nice of a body.  Facial shape as well as just overall “cuteness” level is very similar.  But, because of how I’ve trained myself, H is just ordinary to me.  Nothing special.

You know what though?  This time, I’m going to give myself a pat on the back.

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