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Math Lesson: The Laws Of P^2=Woman

** Admittedly, this is hardly new information in the Manosphere.  This Return of Kings article is excellent.  I’m in no way claiming to have come up with anything like this on my own, but these are my continuing developing thoughts on women and attractiveness.  You can read more along these lines here and here.

So, what are the Laws of P^2=Woman I’m talking about (admittedly, I think I *did* create this new term for it!)?  Well, for those of you not very much into math; P^2 = P-Squared.  The same way that 2 * 2 = 4.  So, the two P’s are, and in order of importance: pretty and pleasant.  Pretty + Pleasant = Woman means that a woman’s prettiness and pleasantness determine her value to a man, and as a result, who she is as a person (find me a women who is truly, genuinely happy being a lifelong bachelorette).  I dare you.  Now, this doesn’t mean that she can’t have other accomplishments that add to her as a human being, but, it DOES mean that men generally don’t give a shit beyond that.  You’ll notice that education, career, accomplishments, income, etc don’t factor into this at all.  You can be a CEO, a PhD, and make $250k a year and it will hardly make a woman more attractive to men.

If this bothers you, stop reading here.


This one is pretty straight forward. Just for simplicity, here’s a list:

  1. Don’t drink too much.
  2. Don’t eat too much.
  3. Learn to apply makeup tastefully.
  4. Wear flattering clothes.  Hoodies + sweats = not flattering.  Dresses + skirts = winner.
  5. Ladies, you should be going to the gym.  You should be thin.  You should be squatting.  Why?  Well, look at the below picture.


Meanwhile, here is the CEO for “Business of the Arts.”  Sounds like a pretty fancy job, huh?  I wouldn’t go near her:

 Nichole 75-orange & white dress

GUYS: which one would you rather bang?

GIRLS: which one do you think a guy would rather bang?


I have great news for you, girls!  This one isn’t very complicated either.  It simply means that you act like a lady.

Here are things you should NOT do:

  • Burp
  • Fart
  • Swear
  • Yell
  • Try to be a man
  • Brag
  • Be super competitive
  • Wear suits.  Case in point, above.  It’s too try hard.

Things you SHOULD do:

  • Nurture
  • Offer (cook, clean, anything)
  • Giggle
  • Talk in a high pitched voice
  • Be willing to be led.

With that being said, is it any real coincidence that the majority of single ladies are usually ugly, bitchy, or *shudder* both?

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