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Motivation & Posting Frequency

As many of you have probably noticed, most of my posts of late haven’t been all that thought-provoking.  They’re just general tidbits and whatnot about my life, ranging from field reports, random adventures, and music.  While I’m not struggling to come up with content, I am trying to save up all of my real thought-provoking, controversial posts for my column at Return Of Kings.  I can’t be writing field reports and about specific girls over there, as there’s a much broader audience that’s expecting posts based off of factual content and whatnot.  So in a way, I’m “saving” up those kind of posts to run over at ROK, though they will obviously run here, as well.

I am still trying to post one entry a day, but here’s the ideas that will be forthcoming at ROK in the next few weeks/months.  I will try to develop some better posts here as well that aren’t just a running timeline of my life.

  • “Biology Thinks People On Welfare Should Die”
  • “Friday Night Rape”
  • “Women Should Not Be In Psychology”
  • “Rolling In The Deep (Web)”
  • “Breaking Down The Economics Of Marriage”
  • “My Story Of Emasculation”

I’m also busy working on another side project which will launch in the coming months.

Thank you all for visiting, commenting, and liking everything.  Please keep up all of your thoughts and feedback, I read it all.  Expect more great things from this blog and myself in the coming months!

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