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I’m A Pussy. This Needs To End.

Why is daygame so difficult for me?  I go through stretches where I make progress, but then something or another happens and I just don’t stick to it.  Online?  Check.  Night?  Check.  Day?  FAIL.  This is something I need to keep working on.  Today, for example, I went to Whole Foods…a little buzzed.  Hey, it’s Sunday and I enjoy sports.  I wandered around the whole store and couldn’t find any cute girls to talk to.  I check out with my stuff, and then there’s two girls (not together) sitting at the cafe.

And I pussy out.  Again.  Massive approach anxiety.

Doesn’t help that I got laid twice last night by the girl I posted about here and here.  I’m pretty sexually satisfied at the moment, having nailed three different girls this week, and had multiple nights with two of them.  I’m pretty sexually spent, so it makes sense that I had a hard time even getting myself to go out today to even scope out targets to approach.  I admittedly was dragging my feet, and if it wasn’t for the several beers I drank while watching football, I have no doubt I would not have gone at all.  Regardless, I’M MAKING EXCUSES.

Starting tomorrow, I am making a promise to myself to go out everyday.  I’ve been doing it 3-4 times a week, but it needs to be every day.  If I have a date at night, my lunch hour will be spent finding a target rich area to make approaches.  If I have the night off from any current girls in the harem, then I will hit the grocery store gold mine on my way home from work.

No more pussying out.  This ends NOW.


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