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I No Longer Write Songs For Girls


I originally learned how to play guitar to impress a girl.  I’ve actually talked about it before, here.  Thankfully, I fell in love with playing and I’ve been playing for almost nine years.  At this point, I’m definitely well above average as far as skill level.  I’ve always enjoyed music from acoustic guitarists in the style of guys like Andy McKee and Preston Reed.  In addition to that though, I play rock, blues, and of course, your typical girly pop shit.  Well, back in my sissy-beta days I used to write songs for girls.  I still remember what they’d go like: me pining after one of them, spilling my heart out, and usually ending on some note hoping that we would be together forever.  Needless to say, since this part of my journey has begun, I haven’t written a damn song.  I did try to write one about my one-itis about a month ago.

The best part of that?  I failed miserably.

Gone are the days that I let myself get so involved in a single girl that I felt I needed to spill my heart out with some sappy lyrics played over a G-C-Em-D chorus (at least I never put much effort into that sense of writing songs for girls).  Gone, for the most part, are the days that I even want to get that emotional with a girl, with exceptions from time to time (see the above link).  Gone are the days that I feel like I need to write a song for a girl – simply because I play guitar.  If you’re a musician, you understand where I’m coming from.  Eventually, a girl you’ve been involved with almost EXPECTS you to write her a song talking about how much of a special snowflake she is.  Now, when girls ask me to write them a song, I respond with by singing, “I like fucking your pussy, I wish you’d let me put it in your ass,” while playing some badly arranged chords.

This is what the Red Pill does to men.

I realize how writing a song for a girl, if coming from the wrong frame, is a first-class ticket to being a total beta with a girl.  Now, don’t get me wrong, if you’re a famous musician…you can do whatever the hell you want.  Write dozens of sappy songs about the same girl and she’ll still be into you.  Being rich, famous, and having other girls throwing themselves at you (literally; I went out with a girl last week who fucked a dude from LMFAO backstage) means you can get away with whatever beta shit you want to.  I’m not particularly rich or famous (yet!), so while I can write a song for a girl, it’s really just better if I don’t.  If I’ve established repeatedly that I come from a dominant, Alpha frame, and I have passed all shit tests, then perhaps writing a song could be beneficial.  Numerous blogs have talked about how, when in a relationship, you eventually need to show beta tendencies to balance out the alpha.  However, if you’re going to write a song for a girl, you have to do it on your terms.  Not because she asked.  But because you had genuine feelings for her, she is affectionate, and you want to pay that back.

Do it because you want to.  This is how you should be living your life in all aspects.

For now, I’ll keep impressing every girl that makes it to my bedroom by playing Wonderwall.  It never fails me.

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