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Life As A Married Man


As I’ve discussed before, I work in IT; therefore, I work with a lot of nerdy fellows.  And a lot of them are fat, too.  Nice guys?  Of course!  Many of them are married and with children.  Pussy slayers?

Hardly.  As the day was winding down on Thursday, three of us were sitting around bullshitting about life and whatnot.  I was telling, in vivid detail, my exploits for the week.  My friend, on the other hand, is talking about how his wife has class that night from 6-9 and he goes to bed at 8:30 due to working so early.  He then trails off, and says with a hint of sadness in his voice…

“TM’s not married and he probably gets way more than we do.”

Genuinely curious now, as I hear all sorts of figures thrown out, I ask, “So, how often do you guys who are married get sex?”  The other guy (also married and with a toddler) starts laughing out loud, and says…

“Did you just say married and sex life in the same sentence?  Hahahahahaha!!!  I do not compute.”

On a more serious note, the first guy said he gets it 3-4 times a week.  Out of those times, however, he said usually only one is when she’s enthusiastic and into it.  The other times, she just lays there like a dead fish.  I’m going to break this one down a bit.  He is 27, and married to a decent looking girl from Eastern Europe.  They’ve been married for a couple of years now.  He’s putting her through school, she doesn’t work, and considering I sit right next to him and hear him talking all the time, she nags him a lot.  Think about that.  He got her over here to MURICAAAAA!, foots the entire bill for her education, feeds her, clothes her, and puts a roof over his head.  Yet, she can’t even get herself to be enthusiastic about fucking him?

If I were him, I’d get a damn good lawyer and get her on the next plane back to Europe for not holding up her end of the marriage contract.

The second guy with the toddler said these days it’s MAYBE twice a week.  I got laid four times just LAST NIGHT with one of my regulars.  Twice the night before with the girl in the previously mentioned week.

Everyone in my family and all of my bluepill friends can keep harping on how I’ll want to settle and get married someday, but it’ll be falling on deaf ears as long as I’ve got guys like these around.

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