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A Perfect Illustration of Preselection

Read this whole conversation.  I’m underlining the important parts and making remarks (bolded) in between messages.  Cute little Asian girl from online.

cute asian

ME: My usual online opener…

HER: Your message is definitely the best message I have ever received on this site lol!!  But I feel like you’ve sent this message to a lot of girls as a pick up line lol. Are you real?  You look really familiar and I think you were in my Accounting class sophomore year. Were you in <Professor>’s class at SDSU? If you are that guy I think you walked me home a couple of nights and I thought you were really cute. I love a good laugh and you can really make me laugh. So do you still stop by <University>?

Well, damn if that isn’t one of the best responses I’ve ever gotten in my online dating endeavors.  She literally says, “I trusted you, and I think you’re sexy, and you have some good traits (humor).  The last sentence reads: “Where do you live?  When can we hang out?”

ME: Oh my God…I definitely recognize your face, but I don’t remember walking you home, I don’t think…unless you lived in <DORM>? I was in that class! I was dating a girl at the time on the dance team, if that rings a bell at all.

Were you in the large lecture with me or the small break out class?

Notice the subtle DHV I dropped in there by mentioning the ex girlfriend.  She would often come into class late running from some school event while still in her dance uniform (which was flashy enough to turn heads).  A relatively modest way of saying I’m desirable.

HER: OMG it was you!! I was in the large lecture class with you. I lived in <DORM>. And you were dating a girl on the dance team who I think was in the Honors Program with me. I had a boyfriend at that time too so I was like “Oh he’s just being nice” 🙂
Haha wow what are the odds. How have you been? What are you doing on this site? You seemed to have a lot of girls on you from what I remember 🙂

Worked perfectly as planned.  “Just being nice” = Well, I thought you were cute…and wish we’d both been single at the time so we could’ve banged.  And that DHV worked exactly as I wanted it to.  Now she’s thinking I have options.

ME: I’ve been good. I graduated almost a year ago and I’ve been working as an engineer. I’m also writing part time for a dating/lifestyle website and having a lot of fun with that. I’m on here because I guess I tired of picking up stupid girls in bars and jumping through those hoops. I still like to go out with the guys and do that whole scene sometimes, but I think the chances of finding something with substance is, well, not all that good.

Reinforcing the “you seemed to have a lot of girls on you,” theme that she has already brought on herself.  In hindsight, I probably should’ve just left this to the date and not brought it up.  I also make it clear that I have standards and that she needs to bring her A game.

HER: A dating/lifestyle website? Are you a dating guru now lol?
Yeah I’m the same as you when it comes down to the dating scene. You have no idea how many guys have asked me for sex at the bar/clubs. I think it’s because I’m Asian and I look so innocent. I guess we both attract all the weirdos lol.
But yeah I’m on here for the same reason as you; I got sick of meeting douchebags and I’m looking for something more. I’m graduating this semester and I already have a few career opportunities waiting for me so now I’m just looking for someone to share good times with (not just sex lol).
Your profile was really interesting lol. Are you having any luck with this site? What are you looking for exactly? BTW what’s your name? I’m <NAME>.

Translation: “I’m trying to impress you and I hope I measure up.”  She also compliments me and asks me a ton of questions right off the bat, even volunteers her name (it’s been three years since we saw each other).

ME: i’ve been on a lot of dates but haven’t found anyone who it’s gotten serious with (obviously). I’d like something with some substance, but I’m picky.

I’m TM.  I don’t much like messaging on here, so why don’t we get a drink and we’ll discuss all of this “what are you looking for” and whatnot?

I’m sensing the questions will be endless.  Time to wrap this baby up.

HER: Yeah I was just about to say that because I gotta do homework lol. When are you free? Text me. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Translation: “I’d love to see you.  Please, please, please don’t be one of those douchebags and disappoint me, I need a real man.  I am looking forward to this.”

The date is scheduled for tomorrow.  You’ll get your real man, cutie.

UPDATE: First date bang.  Read about it here.

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