Posts of the Week: Recap

I just finished writing one is going to be a smashing debut article as a in-house writer at Return of Kings, so I’m a little brain fried to get a post for tomorrow ready.  I’ve decided that as my content expands, and I have a good library of my own posts to now reference, a “recap” of some of the top viewed pages is in order from time to time.  I will also include snippets of some comments for enjoyment.  This week’s winner’s are:

1.) Men Are More Resourceful Than Women

This post was a comparison of how men and women cope with their emotions post breakup.  It includes a fictional story that illustrates the point:

“You’re fucking clueless.  Game or not, a girl is always going to have it easier.  Sarah could walk into a bar and yell, “Who wants to fuck?”, and she’s have a line longer than the ladies restroom of dudes willing to line up and be at her beck and call.  Note, this concept does not apply to fatties.”

This post spawned some interesting banter back and forth between a commenter and I.  It was civilized and actually a good discussion.  Here’s a snip from one of her comments:

Fuck that “Imma cook and clean and be a housewife” shit. If you want me to clean, you sure as hell are cookin’. And something damn good at that. Basically, I’m an equal opportunity employer and quite frankly, your advice should be given to guys as well.

2.) A girl wrote about me on her blog

Look at this, this is her third mention on the blog this week!  She’s a mini celebrity.  If there’s anything I can take from this column, the most important thing is this:

I’ve been talking to a guy for the past two months and I can’t even decide why I’m into him.

This is something that I didn’t understand for such a long time.  Girls don’t want to know everything about you.  They want fun, mystery, etc.  Perfect example is when, like above, she can’t figure out why I’m into her.  Am I nice to her?  Sometimes.  Am I a total dick at others?  Yep.  So it’s not because I’m nice.  Is it because I turn her on?  Well, a girl would never admit that to herself.

She’s into me because she can’t decide why she’s into me.

And we even had a guest comment from hers truly:

I think you (surprisingly) accurately dissected/explained the post despite the nonsense of it all. So props to you :) Obviously I still have my arguments, but this didn’t make me mad like I thought. I think we agree on stuff a lot more than you think.

3.) Poor schmuck in line at Chiptotle

An older post that makes racist fun of Indians and their cheapass attitude.  This post got some hits on some Tumblr sites, but no comments.  Someone at Tumblr wanted to kill me, though.

It was hilarious to watch this wife bully her husband with her eyes demanding all of these extras.  Poor guy has an Americanized Indian wife.  Talk about an FML situation.  He was your stereotypical computer nerd: ill-fitting jeans, belly, New Balance crosstrainers, dorky polo shirt, and a nagging wife.  Think Steve Carrell in Crazy, Stupid Love pre-makeover.

Happy Monday, fuckers!

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  • Cheryle says:

    bookmarked!!, I really like your website!

  • More of a comment on the blog than this post in particular:

    Damn son, flicking through your blog again having re-discovered it in my subscriptions, I’m almost embarrassed how much better you’re doing than me at the same age. I say almost, because it inspires me to be better than myself, in particular better than I am at the moment.

    I hadn’t considered online dating before at 22, seeing it as just something for the older guys but lately seeing more and more early 20’s bloggers and colleagues who mention it in passing (with a hint of coyness or embarrassment).

    Having just finished uni, I’ve gone back to living at home for a month or so and it’s god damn depressing how small the world becomes. Starting a new gig in a month or so, you got any ideas of how to get productive and live the vida loca in the meantime?

    • Thanks for the kind words, man.

      Don’t be embarrassed because everyone is at different stages of their life. I’ve always been ahead of everyone. That has it’s downsides though, as sometimes it’s hard to connect with people your own age or younger. It’s gotten bad enough I’ve contemplated lying about my age so I can have a crack at some 26-27 year olds more consistently (the one 25 year old who I’ve been seeing for months is awesome).

      I’m not embarrassed about it at all and that’s key. I have good night game skills, but my logistics make it tough to pull ONS (moving to downtown is going to change that). My job is lax so I can check my online profiles from work and fire off messages. It took a lot of trial and error, but once I figured out what worked, it was cake. I then put in even more work by writing some scripts, macros, and templates to make my life easier. It wasn’t an overnight thing.

      Advice: Get your own place. Doesn’t matter if you’re borderline broke, make it work. You will never get to live under your parents roof, and this is a great time of your life.

      Also realize that if it’s a full-time 40 hour a week gig, you will be exhausted and drained. I raced triathlon (20 hours a week training) for my school’s team, worked a part time job for 30 hours a week, and took a full load of courses, and the 40 hour a week job leaves you more drained than anything you encountered in uni most likely. Be prepared to make necessary adjustments to get better sleep, eat better, so you can still go out and do the fun social stuff.

      This got long winded, but I hope it helps.

      • Cheers for your thoughts. I think my main problem is time management. I waste what little spare time I get under the excuse of “needing to relax” and do trivial stuff instead of stuff I enjoy. Gym, some form of fight training (was Krav, now BJJ, will go back to both in a month when I move out) and work are scheduled in so they don’t get hit when times get busy but I keep letting my social life slip away. It’s only a temporary down swing in my mood I think, but it’s always tricky to see the light.

        To keep myself busy I think it’s time to put some hours into working on my side hustle. Should be able to bring in a few thousand a year with it within a few months. And productivity is arguably the best anti-depressant.

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