My First Columnist Position - This Is Trouble

My First Columnist Position

I honestly never thought something like this would have happened this fast.  I launched this blog barely three months ago, wanting to just keep track of my journey.

I then had my Privacy Is Completely Gone post featured at Viva la Manosphere, and submitted it at Return of Kings as well.  This blog is now getting several hundred hits a day and the followers are adding up as well.  I never expected things to launch quite this fast a few months ago but this is very quickly becoming everything I wanted it to be.  I have a lot of exciting plans upcoming that I hope can help guys around my age turn their life around.  I realize my voice is small, but it gets louder with every post, comment, and follow.  I appreciate everyone who reads this and lets me know what they think; whether it be positive or negative.

So, the exciting news!




I’m now going to be writing my own column at Return of Kings, running every Friday.



In addition to this, I’ve also bought a domain for this blog and expect the WordPress URL to start routing to it sometime this week.  I’ll make an announcement about this soon.

Thank you again!

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