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I gave a girl my phone number.

Gaming OKCupid on a Monday night, decided to play this one a little different.  She ended up giving me her number while simultaneously asking for mine.  Usually I always get the girls number and just shoot her a text immediately, but I want to see if I built enough value with this one.  Quick breakdowns below with bolded comments.

ME: I’m robbing a bank tomorrow, you down? (Just something I use a lot.  It breaks the typical, “What are your favorites things to do?” monotony of online dating)

HER: Definitely! I could use some extra cash! Are we going halves? (She bit and is intrigued enough to ask another question)

ME: Well, as the master thief, I take a larger cut.  You are my accomplice. Robin to my Batman 😉 (Still haven’t quite proven yourself, girl).

HER: Okay, deal, as long as you for real take the lead! This will only be my second bank robbery. I’m a newbie. (Translation: I want to be led by a strong man)

ME: Was that a metaphor for online dating in your last message? (Genuinely curious)

HER: Haha, no! (Translation: you broke the fun game!  Stop it or I’ll run away).

ME: You seem cool. I hate messaging on here, it’s tedious. Plus, all illusions we build on here are shattered within 3 minutes of meeting in person. In the end it’s all about chemistry so…quick drink to see if we get along? 🙂 (Going for the kill)

HER: I’m game 🙂 (Still playing coy…most girls just give me their number at this point)

ME: number (No punctuation, to the point.  Translation: I know what you’re trying to do, and I don’t care)

HER: xxx-xxx-xxxx yours?

ME: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Going to sit tight for a day and see if she hits me up.


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