How do girls move on from a guy? Help me!

So, baby sis texted me tonight.  I hate to say I told you so…but I called it in this post, her and her boyfriend broke up. 

It was sooner than I thought it would be, it actually happened over a week ago.  We’ve talked a few times; but tonight she texted me and showed real signs of being genuinely upset.  She asked for my advice as to how to constantly stop fixating on someone.  I gave her the typical advice and encouraged her to continue meeting new people, and trying new things.  I told her that comfort is mediocrity.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have any advice beyond that.  If she was a little brother, I’d say, “Go get drunk and fuck a bunch of new girls”, but lil sis is chaste, and sweet.  The last thing she should do is go on a slutty rampage (and I said that in my previous post, too!)

So, I know I have some female commenters and readers out there.  What would you ladies pass on?  (Keep in mind I tend to not take what women say very seriously, so I’ll probably take it with a grain of salt).  Guys are welcome to chime in, too, especially if you have a little sister.

Keep in mind this is not the borderline misogynist that usually posts on this blog; this is someone who loves his little sister and wants to see her bounce back and enjoy her freshman year at college to the fullest.


  • JimBrazina says:

    Yay for looking out for your sister!

    I’m interested in this too, cause I have a few exes I’ve been trying to help move on after me, might be hopeless though…

  • chenjieying says:

    Go traveling, learn a new language or skill. Hang out with friends. Find something that she can do that makes her smile or laygh.

    What I’ve learnt from my previous relationship is that being alone after a break up is the worst feeling ever.
    She doesn’t necessarily need to get hammered every night. Just going to the beach or jogging with a friend can lift her mood. 🙂 Eventually she’ll feel better and not think of him so much.

  • grace9303 says:

    That’s really sweet that she confided in you. It’s hard for me to imagine that, but yeah. Anyway, tell her to get it all out. Just go ahead and cry it out, because it’s better to come to terms with it now than have pent up frustration about it later. And this sounds trite, but delete all those old texts. Just do it. Reading anything sweet that he said before is just going to make her miss him more. After she’s done with that, she’s gotta to rally with her girlfriends, because it’s the feeling alone thing that hurts the most. Don’t get sloppy at the bar, because that’s a horrible idea. Instead hang out with other solid, sweet girls who can make her laugh and recharge. Tell her everybody goes through it, and they survive. It’s going to make her so much smarter and stronger.

    Plus, she’ll run across some other guy in no time that will make her realize everything that was wrong about this one. That’s what college is for. Live and learn, girl.

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  • Feisty Aphrodite says:

    Delete all numbers on her phone, put away stuff that was given by the bf, or other stuff that reminds her of him. Do things that she had never done before… As simple as if she drives everyday to school… Try walking to school. Get into a new hobby. Go to the gym. While she’s doing new things she’ll eventually meet new people. And she would realize that her mind is off of him. I feel that partying and getting drunk is not the best way to go. She needs to fight loneliness on her own and it’s all up to her. I’ve done this a few times and it helped me moved on faster. After a few months, she’ll realize that she’s happier and less time spending thinking about her ex. Finally, she has moved on.

  • Anonymous says:

    Honestly, suggest she calls you parents.. your advice blows dude! You are so far down scale for healthy attitudes about relationships and sex… Actual advice for your sister is that she’s going to have to live through these experiences and find her own way out. Go out with her friends, do her school work etc.

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