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How do girls move on from a guy? Help me!

So, baby sis texted me tonight.  I hate to say I told you so…but I called it in this post, her and her boyfriend broke up. 

It was sooner than I thought it would be, it actually happened over a week ago.  We’ve talked a few times; but tonight she texted me and showed real signs of being genuinely upset.  She asked for my advice as to how to constantly stop fixating on someone.  I gave her the typical advice and encouraged her to continue meeting new people, and trying new things.  I told her that comfort is mediocrity.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have any advice beyond that.  If she was a little brother, I’d say, “Go get drunk and fuck a bunch of new girls”, but lil sis is chaste, and sweet.  The last thing she should do is go on a slutty rampage (and I said that in my previous post, too!)

So, I know I have some female commenters and readers out there.  What would you ladies pass on?  (Keep in mind I tend to not take what women say very seriously, so I’ll probably take it with a grain of salt).  Guys are welcome to chime in, too, especially if you have a little sister.

Keep in mind this is not the borderline misogynist that usually posts on this blog; this is someone who loves his little sister and wants to see her bounce back and enjoy her freshman year at college to the fullest.


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