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The bitch took the wine.

DISCLAIMER: I’m a little drunk.  I had the 6:30 girl from this post over tonight.

She came over and we each drank several vodka champagnes (1.5 shots of vodka in a glass of champagne, great way to get girls drunk by the way!).  Little did I know that she is quite the heavyweight…and I hadn’t eaten all day.

Yes, I’m slightly ashamed.

Long story short, I got drunk and basically said, “we’re having sex tonight.”  Whoops.  Oh well.  We drank several vodka champagnes and an entire bottle of my wine.  When we finished that bottle, she brought in a bottle from her car.  After I said my offensive comments, she left…AND TOOK THE WINE!

I cooked her dinner, poured her several drinks of quality liquor, an entire bottle of wine…and she was that much of a selfish cunt that she took the 1/3 of wine left in her bottle home.

I’m admittedly an asshole, but Jesus, American girls are fucking entitled.

Her number is gone from my phone.  She was cute, but holy shit she talked way too much.

I’m sure I’ll have second thoughts about this tomorrow morning when I’m sober.

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