A Tale of Two Accountants

Tori and Tory are both accountants at a local accounting firm.  Tori holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting, has five years of experience in the industry, and is 30 years old.  Tory has a Bachelor’s in Finance, with four years of experience, and is 27 years old.  Both Tori and Tory are considered to be top accountants at their firms; they have happy clients, bring in profits, and are generally considered to be good employees.  However, they differ slightly..

Tory is supposed to start work at 8:00am sharp every day.  Typically though, Tory walks into the building at 7:30am.  Tory has one hand on a briefcase, and the other hand holding a smartphone to the ear, already working with clients.  Once in the office, Tory focuses on the task at hand.  Tory typically only takes lunch twice a week, and that time is spent in the company gym, knowing there is little time after work to accomplish this.  Other days, Tory works through lunch.  During major tax season, Tory often works 80 hours a week with no further financial incentive.  At the end of the day, Tory is scheduled to get off at 5:00pm.  However, it is more often to see Tory walk out the door at 6:00pm with a tired, drained expression.  Tory collects a respectable $54,000 a year for work.

Tori is supposed to start work at 8:00am sharp every day.  Typically though, Tori saunters into the office, Starbucks in one hand, the other hand glued to a smartphone with Facebook up, at about 8:30am.  Tori loves water cooler talk, and will spend 30 minutes every day talking about the latest episode of American Idol.  Tori will often take a two-hour lunch on Fridays to relax before the start of the weekend.  During major tax season, Tori often works…40 hours a week.  Tori is scheduled to work at the office until 5:00pm, but often slides out around 4:45pm with a cheery smile.  Despite this, when Tori focuses on work, good things happen.  Tori collects a respectable $50,000 for work.

One day, Tori finds out that Tory makes $4,000 a year more.  Tori is outraged at this, as Tori has more experience, age, and an actual degree in accounting over Tory.  Tori complains to HR, and the managers give Tori a raise to bring their salaries closer together.

Which one of these accountants is a woman, and which one is a man?

  • I’m guessing that Tori is the man. I’m just picturing a woman being the one who would work through lunch breaks, come in early and stay late, and get a workout in during lunch a couple days a week in order to make, in my opinion, a measly $54,000 for busting ass.

    • Wrong.

      Tori is the typical American career women; selfish, entitled, and lazy.

      • Typical American career women= selfish, entitled and lazy…
        You may need to surround yourself with different female influences in life.

      • I call it like I see it. Female influences? Joke. The first step as a guy to being successful in any part of life is to stop listening to females. I love girls, but I know to take anything they say with a grain of salt (not that their intentions aren’t good).

        This post was really a prelude to another post coming concerning the mythical gender wage gap.

  • Buzzman says:

    Easily has to be a woman that is complaining and getting her way. That’s america nowadays, what do you always hear about? Women are held down, not paid the same, woe is them, life is so hard. It makes me sick, ughhh.

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