Soulmates and “The One”

Soulmates don’t exist.  They’re a hoax, a fantasy developed to either rub happiness into the face of those less fortunate (“OMG I found my soulmate!! <3<3<3”) or a way to make excuses for being alone (“…I’m just searching for my soulmate, I’ll find them some day…”).

The One does not exist.  Everyone’s “The One,” is just The One Right Now.  They become the perfect person due to a combination of timing, luck, and convenience.  There’s billions of people on this planet for fuck’s sake, do you really think it’s limited to just one person who holds the key to your heart and can make you happy?

It’s all fake Hollywood-scripted bullshit to make you feel better about yourself.  It’s society lying to you so that you can further live your life in denial.  It’s another way to prevent you from unlocking your full potential.  Another way to waste daydreaming and pining after something that doesn’t fucking exist.

Are there people you have instant chemistry with?  Yup.  People who you bond deeply with?  Yup.  People who become a part of who you are, as if you’re one?  No.  Holding out on the idea of a soulmate or The One is just a way of handicapping you from discovering yourself and everything you’re capable of.  You can’t expect them to walk into you while you reach for the same box of cereal in the grocery store.  It won’t happen.

That’s Hollywood.  This is real life.


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