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Highs And Lows Of A Female Roller Coaster

Any player worth his salt knows that to get women, you have to take them on a roller coaster of emotions.  Girls want to feel.  It goes hand in hand with the whole “female intuition” mantra.  Girls don’t make decisions in a logical, well-thought-out sense.  They are in a situation, they feel however the fuck […]

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I Underestimate Myself

Melanie Iglesias.  I doubt anyone would argue with me that she’s a beauty. I don’t give myself enough credit, at times.  When I found this girl a few days ago through Twitter, something looked strikingly familiar about her.  After scouring Google images for several minutes it started to dawn on me – she bears a […]

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Biology Says People On Welfare Should Die

Read my responses to comments on the original article at RE: My Latest Return of Kings Post: “A 22 year old just cannot give you life advice, period.” TroubleMaker: Hi Charles, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us today for this interview at Return Of Kings.  Please, tell us a bit about yourself […]

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Now My Sister Found My Blog

Hey, kiddo.  I’m sure you’re reading this. First a girl I’m dating found my blog, now my little sister found it, too.  Well, actually, I gave it to her.  Why, you ask? Well, I don’t want her to be another mindless drone in society.  There’s enough of those people in my life as is.  You […]

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Math Lesson: The Laws Of P^2=Woman

** Admittedly, this is hardly new information in the Manosphere.  This Return of Kings article is excellent.  I’m in no way claiming to have come up with anything like this on my own, but these are my continuing developing thoughts on women and attractiveness.  You can read more along these lines here and here. So, […]

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Fuck You Government

I walk out to my car a week or so ago and there’s a piece of paper on the windshield.  I groan, thinking I got ticketed because of street sweeping or something of the sort.  Then I remember, there’s absolutely no street signs regarding any sort of parking times or rules anywhere on that specific […]

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How Liberal Arts Hurts Our Economy

Originally at Return Of Kings.  I really, really like this post, so I decided it was worth running it again a few days after the ROK version. ——– Tori and Tory are both accountants at a local accounting firm.  Tori holds a Bachelor’s in accounting, has five years of experience in the industry, and is […]

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Dear Mom

Dear Mom, I sincerely am hoping to whatever sort of higher power may be out there, that you never find this.  I really, really, really hope you don’t, because it will scar you.  Yes, I know you will still love me.  But fuck, I hope you never see the words I’m typing on my Kindle […]

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Motivation & Posting Frequency

As many of you have probably noticed, most of my posts of late haven’t been all that thought-provoking.  They’re just general tidbits and whatnot about my life, ranging from field reports, random adventures, and music.  While I’m not struggling to come up with content, I am trying to save up all of my real thought-provoking, […]

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