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About Me

I recently rewrote the  ‘About’ part of this site and included much more detail into the journey that brought me here.  Please, check it out.

I am using this post to archive what used to live on that page.

Here’s my story, and where I hope my journey takes me.

About a year ago I decided to get a grasp on my love life.  I was tired of not having sex, of not having beautiful girls in my life, and tired of sitting around wishing for what could be.  It was the one part of my life I didn’t have a handle on.  I had a head start on most guys who have a similar lifestyle change; I was already in amazing shape, was about to finish college, had a great career track, and had some cool hobbies that gave me interesting things to talk about.  In addition to that, I’ve always had very good conversationalist skills, and tons of friends.  I struggled at flipping the switch that made a girl attracted to me.  I wasn’t getting laid, I was spending money on girls who were just friends, and I was just frustrated.

It was time for a change.  I’ve made it happen.  I have more girls in my life than ever before, and the things that now come out of my mouth when I’m talking to girls would have made one-year-younger me shit my pants.  I am happier, more fulfilled, and life continues going in the direction it should in regards to my love life.

I also have a strong interest in economics, and politics to a lesser extent.  I also fully enjoy thinking about how these two things wrap into gender roles in society and how they affect male-female relationship dynamics.

My goal of this blog is so that I can look back at a timeline on those down days and see how far I’ve come.  While I enjoy the single lifestyle, the highs and lows you experience (as opposed to being in a monogamous relationship) are more extreme.  On the shitty days, I want to shift back through these posts, and have a wry smile come across my face as I think about what could’ve been, how I’ve made it happen, and how I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

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