How authentic are friendships these days?

While working the graveyard shift last weekend, I managed to get through almost four seasons of How I Met Your Mother.  Now, I was *supposed* to take advantage of these late-night shifts to write more blogs, work on my side businesses…etc.  However, I’ve found it’s really hard to concentrate on much of anything when it’s 4am and your eyes are nearly bleeding from exhaustion.

I love this show.  I love the characters and how tight-knit they all are.  They truly just love and care about each other.  Maybe I just haven’t made the right friends in my life, but I wish I had that kind of history and connection with a group of people.

However, much like most Hollywood comedies, I don’t think it’s really that realistic.  I feel like today’s world of friendships basically comes down to Facebook likes, Instagram comments, and re-tweets.