Diseases. - This Is Trouble


Still reveling in my exploits of last week, I was looking forwarding to causing more trouble this week.  Then, something terrible happened.  It is an extremely common disease.  Fortunately, it is completely curable, and, with proper protection, can even be prevented.  Nonetheless, I have to deal with this in a timely manner.

I was the victim of female flakiness.

First, the girl from here was supposed to come over Monday night.  I was going to cook dinner.  I had instructed her to bring a bottle of wine and a bathing suit.  As I confirmed our plans on Monday, this is how it went down:


She doesn’t see a relationship with me?  Even after having anal on our first date?  Aww, shucks, I can’t believe it!  I was hoping to marry her one day.

What bothers me the most is that she waited until I texted her the day of our date.  She’d been “thinking about it all weekend,” yet couldn’t bother to tell me until the day of?  She had two entire days to *THINK* about something, yet it wasn’t until I texted her that she decided to come to a decision.  This brings us to another disease, which inflicts millions of poor American girls every day.  It’s called being a bitch.  What could I have done differently?  Well, I’d wager she had buyers remorse after I plowed her ass on the first date.  Though I did do the required post-coital cuddle, and even brought the guitar out, maybe I didn’t do a good job of following up the day after.  It’s such a fine line; I’m still learning.  I guarantee this guy she’s talking about probably will only last a week or two.  I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but he probably hasn’t even tried to sleep with her.  She’ll get bored in a few weeks.  I’ll shoot her a ping text in a week or two, see her again, fuck her and then delete her number.

Fortunately the day was still early.  I texted this girl and made plans for later that evening.  She then proceeds to flake, as well, saying, “My friend is still here and will be here until 9 so it’s not going to work.”  At least this girl had the decency to reach out to me first.  Could I have done anything differently?  Probably not.

Single life really is an up and down kind of game.

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