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How it feels to work the graveyard…

I started a new shift yesterday – Friday/Saturday/Sunday 6pm-6am.  I’m in the middle of the Saturday night shift.  Last night wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I drank one Red Bull at about 11pm, and that kept me going until 6am when I went to sleep.  The goal is to use some of this free time to be productive and work on this blog, and some other projects.  Last night didn’t go so well in that regards…as I got caught up in a movie marathon.  Oh well.  I suppose that’s what’s going to happen when you work from home in the comforts of your pajamas.

So far the sleep schedule has looked like such:

Thursday: stay up as late as possible.  Made it til 3am Friday morning.

Friday: Nap at 4pm-5:30pm.

Friday: Work 6pm-6am.

Saturday: Sleep 6am-12:30pm.

Saturday: Nap 4pm-5pm.

Saturday: 7pm, write this post!

We’ll see how much more I can crank out tonight!

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