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Why men are actively encouraged to be more liberal.

I feel like with each passing day our country’s estrogen level rises and the testosterone level lowers.  If you’re a guy, you should be lifting weights.  It makes you stronger, DECREASES risk of injury, and ups your T level.  Which makes you more attractive to the ladies 😉

However, the focus of this point is not on fitness.  It is about the overall emasculating process that seems to be plaguing America worse than a bout of Ebola spreading, and how it ties in politically.  Perfect examples of how this has happened can be seen rampant on television shows.  When’s the last time you saw a sitcom where the husband lead was a COOL guy?  Beats me.  Everybody Loves Raymond is the perfect example of an emasculated husband in America.  Poor Raymond gets his hand swatted away every night when he attempts to lay a finger on his wife.  But, he does the dishes and laundry without complaint.  Another example is Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother.  Now, to be fair, Ted actually dates some stunning women.  However, the dude professes undying love on first dates, and never comes across as a real man.  He’s always doing sissy stuff like digging up flowers or searching for yellow umbrellas, I feel like.

First date love.

With game like that, I’m not sure how he dates women like these…

Not bad, playa Ted.

Why is the emasculation of men so encouraged?  It’s all over mainstream television!

I have a theory regarding this.  Not too long ago, the world was a very violent place.  I mean, we’re only 150 years removed from the Civil War, and not even 70 years removed from World War II.  Both of these were pre-estrogen-enhanced-society.  Granted, there are still wars and violence happening, but nothing quite as big as spanning all of the United States, or hell, even the entire planet.  So we encourage men not to be super masculine.  Not to channel their testosterone-fueled rage.  It keeps all of society in check.  Now the number of masculine men is so low that any sort of uprising or attempt to bring change would be met with such a sheer protest of numbers, it would die out.  Think about how men are shamed for not liking fat women.  Or how people who hate gays are shamed (unless you live in Alabama).  Perhaps this is all a subtle ploy by the masses to shut down the people who don’t want the real men to rise up.  Perhaps there is fear of another revolution.  More violence.  More hate.

While I don’t want any of this, I also don’t have any desire to grow a pair of tits anytime soon.


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