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Blogging so far.

So I’m about a month and a half into this little…adventure of mine.  Whatever the hell you want to call it.  Someday, I’d love for my writings to reach more people.  I’ll tell ya though, if one person reads this and learns something, and uses it to better their own lives, then I’ll consider this a success.  I know that sounds so cliche, but now I see why people say it. 

I’ve got 41 followers.  15 posts.  So that’s 2.73 followers per post.  I figure if I wrote a couple dozen more that would put me at triple digits.  That would be a small accomplishment, but something, nonetheless.  41 is more than I thought I’d get already, so I guess I can’t complain.

How do you get more people to follow/comment on posts?  (Besides writing offensive shit and pissing people off, obviously).

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