Why girls put in headphones and look at the ground.

One of my first commenters has a great post (not letting me link within my text – http://nicegirlsneverfinish.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/fucking-rapist-assholes-and-other-shit-that-pisses-me-off/) regarding something I’ve been wanting to touch on for a while. If you take a stroll through a populated public area, or take public transit, you’ll inevitably notice how many people (though I’m going to single out girls to make my point) are plugged into their own reality. Headphones on, check. Staring at the ground, check. Avoiding eye contact, check.

Until recently, I never understood why it was so sometimes so difficult for girls to look you in the eye and give a smile or “hello.” I’m a good-looking, confident guy, and didn’t understand it. Then I started to notice the way that other guys leered at girls, and now I’ve realized why girls are plugged into their own reality. It’s because they’re “subjected to catcalls, dirty comments, that slow, creepy, look-up-and-down that makes you want to take a shower”.

I tried to relate, but I couldn’t, at first. I mean, no girls are catcalling me or eye-fucking the shit out of me in that creepy-scan-your-whole-body-up-and-down way while I’m going about my day. Then I thought about when I worked at one of the biggest, nicest malls in the country. I worked in an electronics retail store, and there were quite a few gay boys that worked in the surrounding clothing and department stores. A few times a week, while either walking into the store, or walking to get a coffee at the food court, I’d be the recipient of the creepy-scan-your-whole-body-up-and-down look from them. They would leer, and telegraph with their eyes, “I want to do filthy things to your body.”

Now, most of these gay boys are so feminine they wouldn’t hurt a fly. I get a chuckle out of it and am not totally offended, because I know if it came down to it, I could beat them to a pulp. However, when I put myself in a girls shoes, I realized how vastly different it is. A little 95 pound girl is being leered at with these eyes by a burly, bearded, 200 pound construction worker while she walks into her apartment. Vastly different from my situation.

Despite my dislike of feminism, this is one where guys are to blame. If there weren’t so many creepy, leering, wimpy men walking around and eye-fucking cute girls, cute girls wouldn’t have to hunch their shoulders, put on a hoodie, and put their headphones on.

Man up, smile, and say something.

  • I still think that you only appreciate women for their physical value to you, and that that’s the root cause of the wider issue here, but I can also appreciate this post and the validity of it. Thanks.

    • That’s definitely not all the value, but it’s a large chunk of it. There are a few girls whom I really appreciate as people. Maybe I’ve had bad luck in my life, but admittedly, I’m rather guarded.

      I guess I feel like the majority of girls don’t bring much other than physical value. Living where I live…the amount of caddy, bitchy, spoiled princess’ tends to ruin it.

      I feel like I piss you off a lot 😉

      • Well sounds like we’ve both had bad luck with people. I’ll grant you that there are plenty of girls like that, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to consider them less than human. I’m not saying you necessarily do that, but most guys do.

        Especially if you’re going to talk about feminism being awful and women needing to be feminine and sweet; girls have been taught that femininity and sweetness equals not being smarter than the guy they’re with. It’s completely ridiculous, but I’ve seen incredibly smart girls act like they don’t know anything just to impress some meathead who wants to think he’s smarter than they are.

        I just hate to see that kind of thing encouraged. I’m all for being feminine and nice, but I will also continue to be myself and to learn and grow in every possible way, regardless of how smart someone else wants to feel.

        And yes, you piss me off a lot; you also make reasonably valid points. I can argue, but I can’t completely ignore any of them.

  • Well, I’ll give you that, there are a lot of meatheads out there. I’m well above average intelligence, so maybe I just don’t get it. I’ve never had a girl dumb herself down for me, usually I make them feel dumb 😉

    Those are the girls chasing the alphas, meatheads = alpha, quite often. Hence why I’m constantly trying to find that middleground between selfish asshole who doesn’t care and genuinely nice guy with a good heart.

    It’s a dilemma, that’s for sure.

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