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Creating something from nothing.

I’ve never been a terribly creative type.  My intelligence is certainly above average, but I’ve never been an outside-the-box, original-idea type of guy.  However, I’ve realized since I started my cubicle farm job…being an inside-the-box-thinker just gets you staring at the inside of your cubicle.  There is little room for growth, for greater wealth, or for general satisfaction.  Sure, there is stability, growth within the cubes, and some awards, but ultimately, I feel like I’m becoming a robot.

Robot must report to work.  Must do work.  Must kick ass.

Comfort is mediocrity in hiding.  There is no way in hell I want to be mediocre.   I wrote about this before, but I know I could have a hell of a cushy life if I want to continue my career path.  I’ll work my forty hours a week (probably a lot of them at home like I am now), collect a very solid paycheck, and be considered to be “successful.”  I’ll be comfortable…and at the same time, swimming in mediocrity.

Realizing this, I’ve tried to stimulate my mind in other ways.  I’ve always said I wanted my own financial ventures, and by putting some serious thought, research, and effort into this, I’ve been able to step out of my box and develop some creative ideas.  I have so many smarts and talents, it would be a damn SHAME if, for the next forty years, those efforts went to making someone else money.

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