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20 Things Women Do That Should Be Shamed, Not Celebrated



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Prior to having the red pill dropped on me like a bomb, there were things in my life that, deep down, disgusted me.  Looking around though, everyone was celebrating these things, cheering women on.  I was forced to bury my disgust within me and not act upon it, or dare speak my mind.  If I said something, I was the bad guy, and the people I’d criticize were of course, unfortunate victims of circumstance.  Not surprisingly, the majority of these situations it was women, and I was labeled as a misogynist asshole.

No longer.  Now I see these things and realize that they disgust me for a reason, and I have every right to feel that way.  With that being said…

20 Things Women Do That Should Be Shamed, Not Celebrated

1. Sluttiness.  See: Tuthmosis: 24 Signs Signs She’s A Slut.  While I’ve banged my fair share of sluts and would rather not see them disappear into thin air, there’s no doubt that the new slut generations are going to end up with more cats and less husbands.

2. Being fat.  Rather than accept the fact that her greatest asset is her beauty, women are instead celebrated for eating Dunkin’ Donuts and drinking whatever-the-fuck stupid name Starbucks uses for their large calorie-loaded heart attacks.

3. Being a foodie.  I think a foodie is best defined as someone whose life is so boring they literally think that food is their favorite hobby.  That is pathetic.  Come on, I know all you ladies out there have tons of fascinating stories to tell me about your lives.


4. Relying on the government to pay the bills.  Instead of owning up to their failures, women are instead told, “it’s okay”, and to “take as long as they need” to get back on their feet.  Welfare is the weak link of society.

5. Single motherhood.  Because she “doesn’t need a man.”

6. Slacking as a stay at home mom.  Instead of celebrating being a homemaker and taking pride in that, instead the pride is derived from how much money she can spend everyday shopping with her girlfriends while her husband toils away in his cubicle.

7. The use of cake face make up.  Makeup should absolutely be used to enhance a women’s looks, however, there is a line.  When girls wear so much makeup it looks as if they can’t even smile naturally, it just looks fake, silly, and makes guys wonder what she really looks like.

8. Cat collecting.  These furry critters make fantastic substitutes to a husband and children.

cat lady

9. Watching porn/trying to be a porn star.  I’m all for being sexually adventurous, but when I’m having sex with a girl I met two hours ago and she’s whimpering, “Daddy, fuck my cunt,” while gasping for air while I choke her, that’s a little extreme.

10. Birth control, because it’s “their choice.”  Meanwhile, men have no reliable forms of birth control apart from condoms, which if the girl is evil enough, can easily be rendered null.  Let’s nuke the funding to Planned Parenthood (and the multiple options of female birth control) and instead put that money into research for a real male birth control.  How many girls do you really think are responsible enough to take the pill every day at the same time?

11. Lazy hygiene.  Don’t shave your armpits/legs/pussy because you’re a fiercely independent woman?  You go girl!  Have fun living in the wilderness with your cats.  Meow.

12. Doing online dating because they can’t find anyone.  You’re telling me you had from 18-25 and yet you couldn’t find a guy in any college class, job, or bar who wanted to be with you?  Sounds like you’re just picky.  Enjoy the continuous window shopping on OKCupid.

13. Blatantly lying about their body type on online dating.  Rather than fix the problem, or just admit it, girls are of course encouraged to simply “swing the odds” in their favor a bit.  After all, everybody lies about something on their dating profile, right?  While a guy might be able to swing a few extra thousand dollars on his income or an extra inch of height, girls cannot swing 40 pounds in their favor.  Take two examples:

This lovely lady lists herself as “Athletic and Toned,” body type.  She has no full body pictures to prove it (hint, all girls that have nice bodies show them off).  The large, round face and what appear to be ever-widening hips indicate a secret internet fatty.

athletic lol

The below girl lists herself as “Curvy”.  I see her lower stomach fat rolls through her skirt.  Any guesses on what she weighs in at?


14. Divorce.  Rather than honoring the commitment she made to the love of her life (at the time) in front of who knows how many friends and family at their (likely) over the top extravagant wedding, women are instead celebrated for getting divorced because they’re, “not haaaapy.”  Of course, when they start collecting child support and alimony, they are celebrated even further.

15. Paternity Fraud.  While maybe women aren’t celebrated for this, they are defended valiantly because after all, the child needs a father.  Convenient how the child doesn’t need a father the other times (see #5).  It’s becoming easy to see though that society as a whole is truly convinced that the victim of paternity fraud must suffer for the good of the child that isn’t his.  For example, while out with a girl the other night we were discussing this and I posed this question:

“So you’re saying that if my partner cheats on me with the mail man and has HIS child, and I find out when the child is two, I should be responsible, legally and financially, for that child for the next SIXTEEN years?”

She responded with a resounding yes, saying at that point the child thinks of me as his/her father and it’s wrong for the child to have to suffer.  Men, you should all get a paternity test immediately after the birth of your child.  I don’t care what kind of fit your woman throws – no exceptions.  I got her back to my place and fucked her.

Then deleted her number.

16. Dancing/getting shots taken from her belly button/stripping/YOLO’ing…or anything that involves being ON TOP OF a bar.  Attention whoring to the extreme.  Getting drunk and rowdy encourages sluttiness, which of course all women claim to not be, so this goes hand in hand with the first point on this list.

On the lighter side, the website where I got this photo from discusses a bar that got sued by a whale because she was told she was too fat to dance on a bar.  Good for them.


17. Cutting her hair short.  The greatest sign of feminine fertility and it’s encouraged to be chopped off.

18. The entitlement complex.  “Daddy’s little princess” never really goes away.  Rather than encourage women to be sweet, nurturing, and easy-going, it’s not common to hear ladies discuss how they dangle sex and good behavior in exchange for money and chores around the house.

19. Female sex tourism.  If a man goes to a foreign country to try to bang some cute girls, he is seen as a pig and sex tourist.  A loser who can’t get laid in his own country.  If a woman goes to a foreign country and the local young guns fuck her for a few meals, she’s seen as a poor innocent victim who just wanted to find love overseas.

20. Being a feminist.  I think this pretty well sums everything up.

This list could go on and on.  I recognize there are plenty more issues not discussed in this article.  If you have more to add, comment below.

You can see the response article to this here: I Got Suspended From Twitter After Receiving Death Threats.

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