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17 Steps to Give Her a Multi Orgasm Experience



This is an excerpt from my upcoming book and system, The Harem Handbook.

1.) Who Is The Girl?

As selfish as this sounds, the first time I have sex with a girl, I don’t give a damn if she has one orgasm, much less a multi orgasm run. This is because I want to feel her out for who she is as a person – how selfish is she? A girl who demands you do X, then Y, and mimics an orchestra conductor when trying to get her nuts off, is a girl that I likely wouldn’t want to spend time with long term.

Your mileage may vary, but consider this situation:

More than likely, you approached her in person or online, got her number, asked her out, and planned/paid for the date. The odds are also likely that you’re having sex at your bachelor pad in a desirable location that you pay a premium for.

To this point she probably hasn’t done much except show up and look pretty. She has not earned your full approval yet.

So as far as I’m concerned, as long as I’m the one doing all of the work mentioned above – my orgasm comes first.

Obviously I’ll make every effort not to be a three pump chump, but I’m certainly not going to great lengths to make her orgasm. The biology of humans pretty blatantly spells out that women don’t need to have an orgasm to enjoy sex – there’s a reason women can be fully satisfied without having an orgasm, while men are left in a state of blue ball agony if we don’t finish. From a reproductive standpoint, it doesn’t matter if she has a hundred orgasms or zero.

Instead, I focus on simply fucking her good and giving her a dominant experience – and if I like her for a long-term situation, then I move on to giving her the multi orgasm gold.

2.) If She Can’t Multi Orgasm, It’s Not Your Fault

Too many men are made to feel ashamed that they can’t give a woman an orgasm, and it erodes their confidence both in and out of the bedroom. It’s quite unfortunate. If you’ve been in this position and made to feel inadequate, I have sympathy for your pain.

The reality of the situation is that many women are unable to orgasm either by themselves or with a partner; and it’s unlikely that they’ll volunteer this information – it’s much easier for them to just bottle it up inside.

In order to give a girl a multi orgasm experience, more than likely it’s not going to be the first time you have sex with her, and will require some form of comfort on her part with you. Of course, there are outliers – such as girls that squirt on demand (they’re quite fun) – but those are the exceptions, not the norm.

Do not get down on yourself if she struggles to achieve a multi orgasm state.

3.) Multi Orgasm Requires Mental Submission

As I said above, for a woman to achieve a multi orgasm state, she needs to be completely comfortable with you both in an out of the bedroom. It starts outside of a sexual environment, in which you are the leader – the alpha male.

It comes as no surprise to me that most of the girls who I’ve truly sent on a multi orgasm train (for the record, we’re talking about getting them to the point where their legs are akin to jelly – they can’t walk for a good five to ten minutes after) are girls I’ve actually enjoyed beyond just the sexual sense. I was a part of their lives, and they were used to being “under my spell” and deferring to me in many, if not all, aspects of our relationship.

Note: this does not mean they were all girlfriends.

Therefore, work on your frame from an emotional sense. Make sure you are leading her at all times – you pick the dates, you tell her when you’re free, etc. Do not show her too much emotion, and be her rock. Hold her close and make her feel safe. If she constantly cuddles up to you and nuzzles herself in, while looking into your eyes like a doe – you’ll know you have her in a situation where she could have a multi orgasm experience.

4.) Don’t Count on Her

Before we get started on the actual act, I have one more precursor to mention.

Pains me to write this, as it seems we don’t hold women accountable for much of anything in today’s society. But in no case whatsoever can you ever hold her accountable for her multi orgasm experience. More than likely she cannot re-create this herself for practice.

However, if she doesn’t know how to make herself cum at least once on her own, it’s something she needs to work on. As the leader in your relationship, it’s your job to make this clear to her in a way that makes her want to practice.

5.) The Beginning of Physical Escalation

Foreplay should really start the multi orgasm experience off. Again, always ere on the side of being “too rough” or dominant. Trust me, in almost every case she can take more than you’re giving her. The tolerance of pain women have during sex continues to astonish me. Ironically, they’re the biggest pain tolerant wimps in the world once your dick isn’t inside of them.

So what does this mean from a foreplay aspect?

Grab her neck and pin her against a wall. Yank her hair back at the base and kiss her with passion. Grind your nails down her back. Bite her neck right on the border of drawing blood.

6.) Once You Rev the Motor…

It shouldn’t take too long. Once you get the dominance mindset down, you’ll find that women get turned on much quicker and are ready for sex. There is none of this hour-long foreplay, kissing, and caressing bullshit that so many magazines would have you believe. If you’re doing things right, there’s no reason whatsoever that you can’t be sliding into her like a slip ‘n slide within two minutes of the start of foreplay.

My point is, don’t take too long to rip her clothes off. Do it in an aggressive way. Since we’re in the matter of giving her a multi orgasm experience – keep your clothes on, for now. We’ll get into how to give her multiple orgasms from penetration near the end of this.

7.) Learn To Love Missionary

There is a good reason missionary is probably the most “popular” sexual position. It allows the most flexibility, by far. The problem is that most guys do the ‘thrust gently and look into her eyes” deal with missionary, which gives it a bad rep. As long as you continue the dominance in missionary position, it’s just fine.

8.) Fingers…Not Tongue

This by far the easiest way to give her multiple orgasms. You want to use your fingers, do not bother with going down on her. It’s nowhere near as effective to make her cum repeatedly. Understand that a multi orgasm run is very fast-paced and very powerful. While going down on her can certainly give her an orgasm, from experience it’s much of a calm, gradual journey to orgasm instead of high peaks and lows.

multi orgasm

9.) The 2 Options

Here’s how you do it, gents.

You can either go for the g-spot, which will be a different feeling for her (many women actually haven’t experienced it, believe it or not) – or you can go for the good ‘ol clitoris, which she’ll be more likely to have experience with.

If you need a definition, the g-spot is actually inside the vagina in the upper region. If you take a finger, insert it straight inside (like you would when penetrating her with your cock), and curl upwards, you should feel it. Aim for the “ceiling” or “roof” of her vagina. It comes across as a spongy-like texture, but with a “skin” feel. It feels soft and kind of smooth, as opposed to a sponge, which can sometimes be abrasive.

I imagine the g-spot resembles what a brain would feel like, if I ever touched one.

The clit is the little knob/nub/button right above the entrance to her vagina. There is a small hood around it.

#10) The G-Spot Multi Orgasm

Now that we know what the g-spot is as described in #9, let’s talk about how to give her a multi orgasm experience with it.

The g-spot can result in squirting orgasms (not always), and is likely to be something she can “handle”. As in, it will feel really, really good, and she will not be as likely to squirm around. It may or may not be as intense as a clitoral orgasm.

To stimulate the g-spot, you should optimally use two fingers (tightness allowing), and use the technique I described above. Insert both of them, curl your fingers in a “come hither” motion, and just keep going. Start slowly, but you can start ramping up the intensity and the physical roughness of it, too. Once you get her going, you can almost use your entire arm as a way to stimulate, which will feel like you’re shattering her vaginal walls in half – just remember, babies come out of there. She can take it.

The process means that you’ll effectively be moving your arm up and down, using it as a powerful way to stimulate her as opposed to just moving your fingers. You should continue moving your fingers in conjunction with your arm, too.

#11) The Clit Multi Orgams

The clit on the other hand, is a sensitive little thing. It’s happened quite often to me where a woman has stopped me from giving her a clitoral orgasm, citing that it, “Feels TOO good.”

Doesn’t make sense on paper, but in reality most women just don’t know how to articulate it to you.

Think about the last time a girl went down on you and swallowed. She probably kept going throughout the entire time you came, which feels best in most cases. But within a few seconds of you shooting your load, if she was still going – it probably became unbearable. Not painful, but just extremely sensitive, or perhaps even ticklish.

This is probably the closest analogy I can give to you for when a woman says your stimulation feels too good. From experience, it’s far more likely to happen while stimulating her clit in comparison to her g-spot.

#12) Dealing With The Squirms

This is probably the hardest part for guys to understand. Often times, she’ll tell you it’s too much, she feels like she’s going to pee, etc. Again, dominance takes precedent above all. You must read between the lines. She is telling you what you need to do, which is to get her under control. She just has no idea how to do it herself. Again, she wants you to be the rock to steady her.

Assuming you still have her in missionary position, it’s actually quite easy. Lay on one side of her so you still have easy access to her vagina with your hands, and pin her legs down on the bed with your own legs. It should be your left leg pinning her right leg (if you’re on her left), or vice versa if you’re on her right. Then use your right leg to put weight on her left leg (and arm) if at all possible, but this is more just to stabilize her. Lastly, use your free arm to pin her arms down if needed, or you can just lay your forearm down on her chest area – when she starts to squirm, push down.

Another option is to get an under-the-bed restraint system. I have this exact one from Amazon, and it’s worked great for over a year now.

For whatever reason, all of these actions seem to really calm women down and they accept that they just need to go with the flow, and to ride out the multi orgasm train. This is exactly what you want to happen – she is submitting and trusting you to give her  the multi orgasm experience.

#13.) Ride The Wave of Multi Orgasm

It takes practice, and every girl is a little different. Some girls I can make cum in ten seconds flat, and from there you just keep going. Other girls might take a couple of minutes of stimulation to get to that first orgasm, but the most important part is this:

Once she has orgasmed, she does not need to “come down”.

Do not give her a break, do not let her get water, just pin her down and keep going. Once she realizes what you’re trying to do, she’ll accept it. If you do things correctly, you can give her another orgasm within seconds of the first. The intensity of these will vary, I’ve found that after three to five, they’re just so exhausted that the multi orgasm experience is reaching a point of diminishing returns. In this case, it’s best to stop and get to actually fucking her.

And trust me, she’ll be up for it. While during their multi orgasm run, there isn’t much on their mind (again, MENTAL foreplay – clear their head), once they come down a bit they’re more than ready to have your dick inside of them.

#14.) Multi Orgasm From Penetration

It absolutely can happen, though it is fair to recognize that not all women can come from penetration. However, I’ve had several girls who had never cum from penetration – but after they had their first multi orgasm experience, they all of a sudden could cum from actual sex itself.

Crazy how that works, isn’t it?

It comes back to the fact that sex is very much an emotional experience for women that can (sometimes) transcend the physical aspect.

Again, I’ve found missionary with the deepest penetration possible is the most effective way to give her multiple orgasms from penetration. To get the deepest penetration, I’d recommend getting her ass as high in the air as possible. You can accomplish this by either a normal, decent-sized throw pillow, or even a sex pillow if you feel so inclined.

Find a steady rhythm, and continue to use dominant positions; choking, hair pulling, etc. I am quite fond of slipping my arms underneath their armpits, putting my hands on their shoulder to stabilize them and pull them into me. Alternatively, you can put their legs over your arms, holding her thighs out with your hands for maximum penetration. I essentially work their whole body in conjunction with mine in the hopes of sending them to a multi orgasm state.

#15.) Alternative Positions

I am a HUGE fan of doggy style with a girl laying on the bed fully, on her stomach. In this position, it’s very easy to just reach your hand around (while you’re inside of her), and stimulate her clit with your hands. In this case, since you’re literally laying on top of her, it’s very easy to keep her pinned down with minimal squirming.

#16.) Post Coital

Whether you gave her a multi orgasm session from penetration or from finger stimulation doesn’t matter – when sex is done, it’s important to let her snuggle up to you – trust me, she’ll want to. Hold her close and make her feel safe. Let her know how sexy it was to watch her lose control. This will cement those happy chemicals that bond her to you – and she’ll be yours however you please.

#17.) Multi Orgasm Bottom Line

To recap…

  • Never blame yourself for a woman not being able to cum – plenty of them are just clueless in this regard.
  • Sex is very much a mental experience for women.
  • Use missionary position the right way.
  • There are two ways to go about it giving her a multi orgasm experience – the g-spot and the clit. The g-spot can result in squirting orgasms, and the clit can result in a real “loss of control”.
  • Take control no matter what – with force. Pin her down, tie her down, whatever you need to do to keep the wave of multi orgasm flowing.
  • Speaking of waves – don’t let her come down. Keep going.
  • Cuddle afterwards and make her feel good. This will provide many benefits for you to reap in the relationship for as long as you wish…as long as you’re putting her through the multi orgasm experience – she’s yours.

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