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$100K Ain’t Worth What It Used To Be



In the last month or so, I’ve run a series of articles on my main site about California and why it’s not really the greatest place on Earth. Some people have written some pretty long rebuttals, including this dude. But, I’m not interested in digging into his whole story, merely this part:

“Nope. Here in the Bay Area, someone with a BS in a STEM field can have their pick of jobs in tech, and start at a minimum of $60K; many start at closer to $90K. Hell, I know talented coders in their 20s who have never even been to college, who are making over $100K. How ’bout anywhere else in the US? -or Europe?”

I don’t know what world this guy lives in, but I personally consider $100k to be very little these days…

…and even more so in a place like California.

  • Making $100k/year is absolutely nothing these days, and that’s even for me out in Eastern Europe. There’s always more I want to buy, I have no problem blowing through that amount on a yearly basis.

If I was living in California still though, $100k is quite literally pennies.

Is this really what people are striving for? Making $60k, $90k?

Sure, $60k is not a bad starting salary out of college, but again, in the Bay Area of California, that’s absolutely nothing. I made roughly $70k my first year out of college in San Diego, and I sure as hell wasn’t putting away a ton of it at the time…

My point is this:

If this is the competition, striving to make $60k in a surging economy with inflation the way it is…

That’s not much competition.

Because they don’t want it that bad.

Hence, if you’re willing to put in the work to create scalable, online business assets, you can do pretty gosh darn well for yourself.

I mean, would you rather take the $60k salary working a 9-5 in California, commuting two hours a day, or take my (considerably higher) salary, living in Ukraine, walking my dog 5 times a day, waking up when I want (except for the dog), and generally being free…

I’m a bit biased, but I know what I’d take.

Speaking of Ukraine and Eastern Europe…

A female commentator on one of my niche sites left this comment not-so-long-ago…

“I am Ukrainian. The average salary in my city is about $200. And my mother`s pension is $70 (I`m not joking).”

You see things like this, and realize how fortunate many of us to simply be reading this blog post on our iPhones…

Practice being grateful.

It’s actually really hard, especially in today’s world and our current culture.

But, really, try it.

Many people have it way, way worse…

  • You might be wondering, what on Earth can that $200 pension or $70 salary buy?

Truthfully, not much. Here in Kiev, my rent is $1,350/month, and while I’m sure the rents are much lower in the aforementioned city is lower, you can probably imagine the quality of apartment you can rent for $75-$100/month.

As far as eating out and living the good life in Eastern Europe, fuh-get-about-it on that salary.

I’d say I easily spend $25-$30 for two people to eat a higher-quality meal here.

Yes, Kiev is the capital, but still, it’s not such a drastic turnoff.

So what do these people do, you might ask…

  • Simply put, they live with their parents until they’re old enough to get married, and then often times everybody in the family pitches together to buy an apartment for the newlyweds. It’s hard to get out of this cycle, it’s a small-town village mindset. It’s sort of like the high schoolers in the west who go to community college and never leave home.

You must ask though:

Is that such a bad thing?

To live very close to family and friends for your whole life, where you have people who have your back?

I’d argue that’s not such a bad thing, but it doesn’t fit in well with the Western way of living.

Hence, it’s hard for us to fathom living on something like $200/month – for me, too.

Now, the good news…

As westerners, you have a unique opportunity in front of you. Because of the internet, you can pretty much make money anywhere in the world these days.

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