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100% of Women Exploit 100% of Men



One of my favorite readers, who goes by the name of “The Didact”, chimed in a month or so back with an excellent comment about longer-term relationships.

It’s so good, I’ve been holding on to it like Gollum in order to use it for The Girlfriend Blueprint Webinar.

Take it away, D…

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“A big part of the reason why so many guys – and I must be very honest and include myself in such company – lose “frame” and backslide into beta simp mode is because they go into relationships without first doing the very hard work of growing up.

A high-quality woman does not want to be mother to an overgrown boy.

She wants to be led by a strong man.

And that is why most high-quality women suffer something of a serious character breakdown anywhere within the 6-10 week mark of a new relationship with a man who has not spent some very hard effort and energy on growing the hell up.

Most men can relate to the experience of waking up one morning beside their lady love, kissing her on the cheek, saying, “hey, sweetheart, it’s a beautiful day outside, how are you today?” – and she goes straight-up Mama Grizzly and tears his head off and then shits down the cavity.

The reason why she did that is simple.

Her body is losing time and value rapidly.

Every month that she spends with a weak man costs her in energy, youth, and – most importantly for any woman – fertility.

Her body is commanding her to pay attention to the fact that the man she is with is not strong enough to fertilise her eggs and her psyche follows suit by becoming utterly crazy – or at least, that’s how it looks to us as men. In reality, she is acting quite rationally by the standards of her biological and psychological programming.

The problem that a lot of men have, and I suspect this will be true even of customers who buy your new program, is that many of us see ourselves as grown-up already. We have our finances under control, with plenty of money in the bank and possibly a steady alternative income stream ready to go. We are in good health because we lift regularly, are strong, and take the trouble to stay in shape. We have traveled, so we know the ways of the world, speak at least one other language, and have strong interests in other cultures and customs. Some of us are men of deep faith, which gives us a rock and an anchor when times get tough, and therefore we have peace of mind. And we do not believe the lies of the world around us, but choose instead to find our own paths. A few of us are highly experienced at picking up, seducing, and sleeping with women, so we understand and appreciate female nature – some of us even respect it, in our own way.

And even all of this is not enough. It cannot be, because all of us have weaknesses in our psyches that EVERY woman, regardless of quality, will always seek to exploit.

Said women cannot help it.

That is what they are supposed to do.

And many of us will discover in the process that even though we thought we were adults, we really are not.

We are not flexible enough to want to change our routines for her.

We are physically strong but emotionally weak, because we do not fully understand that the “Alpha male” stereotype is rather

More than just the biggest, the strongest, the most successful guy in the room. We fail to recognise that there is a duality to masculine strength, honour, courage, and mastery – and the flip side of these things are the traits of compassion, fidelity, duty, and adaptability.

Lots of us concentrate on the one side, but not the other.

To be truly skilled at keeping a GOOD woman requires growing the hell up first. And this is hard. It has to be. Adulthood is meant to be difficult, painful, and sobering – because, as with everything else, success only comes after work.

Once a man loses his frame, and therefore loses the respect of his woman, it is nearly impossible to regain that respect without enormous and often futile effort. Most men are best served by taking our lumps, learning a few lessons, and moving on – but if the lessons are not learned, then we will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and the women that we meet will be the poorer for it as a result.”

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I’ll try to keep my analysis brief, because this is already a long post—but also incredibly accurate.

The point that is most important, in Yours Troubly’s not so humble opinion, is that women will always “exploit” men.

It is true.

Perhaps a slightly cruel word, but completely true.

It is simple female nature to test a man for weakness.

And to test often.

It is simply programmed in to them.

They cannot help but do it.

You can’t stop the testing.

But, you can deal with it properly.

And, best of all, that’s revealed at the “Girlfriend Blueprint” webinar – coming to you on 3/3.

Here’s the link to sign up…

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