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10 More Reasons Why California Is Overrated

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From my epic and ever-popular “24 Reasons to Leave California” post…

It seems more and more people are getting fed up with the general situation in California. Even those who have spent their entire lives there and beginning to realize that California is simply overrated. It’s simply just out of control, between the raging socialist, moronic policies, the homeless problems, the prices (obviously), and everything else…

…anyways, the post is below, and my comments are in bold.

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Your blog was very entertaining!! I googled reasons why California sucks and this blog was listed.

I recently moved back to SoCal after being away for 10 years between Texas and Nevada. I’m sad to say this, but I hate California. My husband and I moved back so that our kids will get to know their grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. ( bec god forgive our families ever leave this expense ass state)

[My family is the same way. I have a hard time imagining they will ever leave. So, for the time being, we will continue to have to do the Eastern Europe -> California commute, which isn’t all that fun.

People get too content with where they are. Moving across town for many people is scary, much less out of a state, much less out of a country.

That said, the people who are leaving California are just taking all their moronic policies to other places and ruining them, too (see Austin, Seattle, Portland, etc.)]

The list of hate is much longer than the list of like.

My list of hate includes:

1. Public schools are CRAP!

2. Transportation is CRAP!

[Transit is a total joke. I tell people here in Ukraine that Los Angeles has 17 million people but only half a dozen or so metro stops…the look on their face, priceless.]

3 School lunches are also crap according to my kids so they refuse to buy it. They rather have a ham and cheese sandwich from home. It’s funny how lunch is over 3 dollars in CA and it’s horrible. Good thing the kids who quality for free lunches eat that crap! (TX lunch is 1.25 btw)

[I think to buy lunch at my public school growing up was $0.50. Late 90s/early 2000s.]

4. Traffic is ridiculous and I don’t even live in LA.( My road rage is increasingly getting worse every time I’m behind the wheel)

[The only way I was able to tolerate living in LA was living and working in Santa Monica. Walk to work, walk to the bars, walk to the store…I basically lived the European lifestyle in that little slice of paradise. 

For those wondering, I did sort of like living in SaMo itself…I just didn’t like most LA-type people. While I’d probably only live in San Diego in California, those LA-beach areas, assuming you could live and work in them, are not terrible.]

5. Gas prices, I can’t even explain the rage those prices give me since I used to pay 40 dollars for a full tank and now I’m paying 80+.

[Summer prices are out of control.]

6. Taxes

[Very few people in the States realize how little we get for our taxes.

There’s no healthcare, no public transit in the majority of cities (that actually is reasonable to use on a day to day basis, not just to take leisurely out to dinner).

It’s easier to see this once you actually get abroad, but I struggle to think of what I still get as an American citizen (because I still pay taxes out here!) for my massive tax bills. All it really is at this point is the blue passport and the ability to have banks accounts/businesses, which does have some seksi appeal abroad…but that’s really about it. If I do get something, and I’m missing it…I’m all ears.]

7. Rude people

[You mean fake. People are too nice.]

8. Food prices are inflated.

[How much so? Been years since I did any shopping in Cali. Avocados from Mexico!]

9. Job market

[Actually not that bad.]

10. Child care is 2x more expensive (2 working parent household)

[$50 minimum wage will only drive it up.]

No amount of money is enough money in California and we make very good money.

[Part of it is the general American mindset. Everyone wants to be a movie star and be a millionaire. Simply put, we can’t all be that. And California has so many well, well off people, it’s near impossible to not compare yourself to them.]

The list goes on and on!

I want to like it in California, but after seeing how other cities and states have it better, it’s really hard.

I completely understand why you left. I wouldn’t be back here if it wasn’t for my kids to know their family.

[I struggle with this reality for my potential kids. They’re likely going to grow up very, very far away from my parents.]

I feel California is eating away at their people as if they want everyone to fail and live off 2 grand a year and claim food stamps, free school lunches, free healthcare, free housing, everything free if you decide to be a loser to society.

[SOCIALISM. Then communism.

If it ever happens, it will only kick off the rest. California is the epicenter of nearly all the bad stuff in the West, it really is.]

Way is California going to SHIT!?!?!?

[I think you summed it up quite well yourself. What do you make of this reader’s comments? Is California done for?]

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  1. “1. Public schools are CRAP!”
    So send your kids to a private school, you cheapskate! Ours are among the best in the US.

    “2. Transportation is CRAP!”
    Correction: *public* transportation is crap, in Southern California. In the Bay Area, it’s actually pretty good. And if you’re too poor to own a nice car that you can use to get out of the city and go for drives through our spectacular scenerey — well, it sucks to be you.

    “3 School lunches are also crap”
    See #1

    “4. Traffic is ridiculous”
    Yeah, it is. But I’ve been stuck in *longer* traffic jams around Paris, London and Amsterdam.

    “5. Gas prices”
    Meh. I pay about $3.50 a gallon. While that’s more than it is in much of the US, it’s about *half* of what 4 liters costs in most of Europe.

    “6. Taxes”
    They’re lower in the US than most first-world countries. But you might want to look into *why* CA taxes are high among US states: because Proposition 13 pegged the property tax for houses near what it was when the house was originally purchased. If you’ve owned your house for 30 years (or better yet, inherited it), odds are you’re paying less for your CA house than you’d be paying in most states. So CA makes up the tax shortfall by raising taxes on other things — especially on corporations.

    “7. Rude people”
    The rudest people I’ve ever encountered were in Paris and Prague. So? Does that make Paris and Prague suck? Some people are just going to be rude. Ignore ’em.

    “8. Food prices are inflated.”
    Probably. *yawn*

    “9. Job market”
    Nope. Here in the Bay Area, someone with a BS in a STEM field can have their pick of jobs in tech, and start at a minimum of $60K; many start at closer to $90K. Hell, I know talented coders in their 20s who have never even been to college, who are making over $100K. How ’bout anywhere else in the US? -or Europe?

    “10. Child care is 2x more expensive”
    Prolly. But kids are overrated.

    Bonus: “There’s no healthcare”
    Correction: there’s not much in the way of *free* healthcare, unless you’re in San Francisco, in which case you *can* get it for free. But as far as the *quality* of healthcare goes, we have among the best in the world. Really. UCLA, UCSF, Stanford, etc., offer the most cutting-edge of medicine anywhere. That’s why even heads of state from other countries come to California to get critical care like organ transplants, tricky cancer treatments, etc. Yes, that comes at a price. But you’re getting your healthcare through your employer, or a PPO/HMO/POS, or you’re earning enough that it’s not a big deal, right?

    Seriously: whoever wrote this seems to think that California = LA. Not even close. Most Bay Area natives will readily agree with you that LA sucks, but California is 156,000 square miles in size — that’s 2/3 the size of the entire country of Ukraine. It’s bigger than Italy. Hell – it’s bigger than the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark COMBINED. I’d suggest that they come up to . . . er, never mind. Stay down in LA, or wherever. Nothing to see up here, folks. Move along.

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