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The 10 Commandments of Trouble You Must Live By

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[This is a new permanent page on my website, here. This will continue to be updated and refined over the coming months and years. I am really trying to nail down my “mission”—which is freedom, girls, travel, and business. Let me know what you think!]

The below points are what this website and myself (Kyle) are about. Keep in mind that this is very much a site for men. While women may derive some value from the teachings here, the whole purpose of Trouble is to break the rules and live a better life.

Here are the rules of Trouble, which are constantly being added to, updated, and refined.

I. Thou Shalt Open Your Eyes

It is okay to have made mistakes. Most people follow the typical progression of:

  1. Go to school.
  2. Get married.
  3. Get a corporate job.
  4. Have kids.
  5. Hate the corporate job, stick it out anyway.
  6. “Retire” at 65 and hope you have enough in the bank to survive.
  7. Die.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the world has effectively reached a bubble. People are starting to wake up and see that there are alternative ways to find happiness in life. That the “cookie cutter” life is not the way for everyone—or hell, even most.

So, it’s okay to be bad with dating—you’ve been filled with crap your whole life about how relationships should (or shouldn’t) work. It’s okay to think that the corporate job is the only way to make a living. It’s okay to struggle to come to terms with all of this.

I think it’s even okay to made the same mistake twice.

For example…

Usually it takes a couple heartbreaks before you become great with women. A business or two will fail before one succeeds. What is important is that you pick yourself up and get back on your feet.

But eventually, you must see the world for what it is and accept it. Failure to do so will keep you stuck in the same mediocre life with no way out.

From this point forward, thou shalt open your eyes.

II. Thou Shalt Be A Troublemaker & Cherish It

If you choose to break the mold of society in any way, shape, or form—people are going to view you as Trouble. Alternative words they will call you: hedonistic, rebel, stupid.

That is okay provided you can take it. You must embrace the life if you want to live it. Being above average is a scary prospect to most people. They will shame you for it, and destroy you if they sense a moment of weakness. They do not want you to become great because then you will simply embody all that they wish they could be.

You must live your life as if you cannot see them. This is the one time you are allowed to close your eyes—to tune out the masses.

III. Thou Shalt Remain In Control

Emotions are okay, emotional reactions are not. Keep control of yourself at all times—whether it be with girls, families, or general business sense.

A man who cannot control his emotions is a man who will be blown viciously by the world and her musings. Be in control.

IV. Thou Shalt Date Many (At Least For A While)

There is no way around it—the dating game is weird these days. Long gone are the days where you would exchange a cow with the farmer in exchange for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Gone also are the days you could meet a nice, good girl in college and marry her.

These days, you must play the game even if what you desire at the end is a family.

If you do not have game, you will become needy. You will be over matched by the rest of the world, which fills your girl’s need for attention in the form of social media, dating apps, and more. You must date multiple women and become the puppet master if you wish to have success.

Girls want a man who other women desire.

This does not mean one must play the game forever.

Merely that one must have the tools to play the game, which can only be acquired via experience.

V. Thou Shalt Build Multiple Assets

The older I get, the more I realize that women and business are strikingly similar to how you should approach them. Long gone is the comfort of a corporate job. All the high-paying jobs are, not coincidentally, in the most expensive cities. You’ll easily spend 50% of your income on rent—and that wouldn’t even be considered abnormal.

Nor will a 401k or Social Security guarantee you anything as you get older

Therefore, always diversify—much like my advice in #4. Build multiple income streams so that you are never 100% reliant on someone for your own personal well-being. Putting your life and liberty in the hands of a corporate employer is foolish.

If you have to work late into the night after a full time job, so be it. Use smart drugs.

Is it bad if that’s the situation you’re currently in? Well, now is your chance to fix it. Remember that thou shalt open your eyes.

(To start your website, I recommend Bluehost and Thrive. Buy either of those through those links, and email me after—I’ll do a 1 hour consultation with you.)

VI. Thou Shalt See The World (And Date It)

Moving abroad was the best thing I ever did for myself.

It allowed me to see how drastically different things are. It allowed me to build my business. It allowed me to open my mind to GOOD relationships instead of the toxic ones.

To expand on this commandment—thou shalt not partake in “cookie cutter vacations”. If you only have two weeks a year to take a vacation and escape, make the most of it. Use it as motivation and inspiration to work on those multiple assets so you can be free someday.

Do not, and I repeat—-DO NOT—spend those two weeks on a cruise through the Caribbean with 1,000 fat people lounging around and eating all day. Time is your greatest asset that you can never, ever get back.

As an addition to this—date abroad. The women are fantastic and will open your eyes to many new possibilities.

VII. Thou Shalt Put Aside The Ego & Be Open Minded

Now, do not mistake “open-minded” for the typical world’s view of this, which is to accept everybody, everything, and never speak up.

But, thou shalt be open-minded towards learning, observing the world, and taking advice from those who have been there, done that.

I would not be in the place I am in without the help of mentors whom guidance I had to accept.

Do not let ego get in the way of improving yourself and you will prosper.

VIII. Thou Shalt Embrace The Internet

Never before has there been a time to be so easily connected to so many people.

Do you have a brilliant and revolutionary product you’ve been dreaming of?

Guess what—the internet allows you to put it right in front of your target audience, test it’s authenticity, and then ultimately—sell it!

I live thousands of miles away from my family, and yet I can connect to my grandmother face-to-face with a small phone in a matter of seconds.

While there are downsides to the technology that has been built today, there is much to be gained. Embrace the internet for the business opportunities it presents and take it to the bank.

IX. Thou Shalt Not Be Cheap

You must spend money to make money.

Do not hesitate to invest money in a good book, course, or other method that will teach you. If you do your homework and research, and then utilize the information the author or creator painstakingly put together—you can have a return on investment many times over what you spent for it.

If you can easily outsource some work (and can afford it), and make money from it—you will do it. Over, and over, and over.

Do not hesitate to spend money. Money is not evil. Money allows many luxuries in life. Including freedom.

That does not mean you always hold on to it. Sometimes it is best to spend now and reap the returns later.

X. Thou Shalt Unplug

Distraction is the biggest thing that stops people from achieving their goals. And there are many of them today.

So while I said to embrace the internet, thou shalt self-regulate the distractions and unplug when it is time to do the work. 

Work smarter, not harder. You are better off to work 2 focused hours than 8 distracted, half-assed hours.

Unplug and prosper.

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