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10 Things You Must Know About Kiev, Ukraine

  • September 30, 2016 /

Kiev, Ukraine is one of the greatest cities on the planet. But it’s a tough place to figure out.

Here are ten things you MUST know about Ukraine’s capital.

1.) It’s 100% safe
2.) Despite #1, there is a scam culture
3.) Spring and fall are the best times
4.) Ukraine is a confused place at the moment
5.) There is a 3 date rule, generally
6.) The dating culture is very different. Forget everything you know.
7.) Ukrainian people need to be warmed up
8.) The proper way to ask for something in English
9.) Get used to somewhat bad service
10.) Just. Keep. Going.

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The point is, Kiev, Ukraine is for now–home.

I love this place for a lot of reasons. Cool girl. Great food. Interesting city. Everybody should check it out. Shit, it may only have a few more years before it’s overrun by Western morons.

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