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Upcoming 2nd Podcast with Dark Triad Man: Reader Feedback Requested

In case you missed it, my first interview with Ivan Throne/The Dark Triad Man was a smashing success.

Go here to listen to it, or click play below.

Well, we’ve got exciting news.


With the election upcoming, and the threat of immigrants continuing to plague America (read my thoughts about the recent Orlando shootings here), we’re going to make this a bit more on the political side of things — and relate it all back to how it will affect MODERN MEN (i.e. YOU).

Some ideas we plan to touch on are…

  • How does a man like Trump just KEEP GOING? He only sleeps four hours a night supposedly.
  • What direct actions will Trump’s election help the modern man with?
  • Likewise, what could be the downside of a Hilary election?
  • What does her past actions say for the ethics of women as a whole (will have to tread carefully and not go too deep into women bashing–more me than you probably)
  • How can men achieve success or a motivation like Trump?
  • Are we about to have a civil war on our hands?

And a lot more.

Take a listen to the last one.

Absorb it.

Let us know what you want to hear on this one. We are planning to record it the week of June 27th, and launch it sometime in early to mid July.

This wouldn’t be possible without you, so chime in.

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