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Wrap It Up, Poland

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  • ten zły

    Audio is very bad. If you wan’t to record something like this you need to upgrade your audio.

    • Made mistakes of recording on iPad. I mentioned it on the YouTube link. I usually use a mic.

      Definitely won’t happen again!

  • ten zły

    Next time you are in Poland you might wanna visit Szczecin (or Stettin, which is German name for this city, I don’t really know how it is in English). It has quite interesting old german style Architecture and a very polish spirit, which is interesting mix in itself. Worth visiting, maybe not as long time destination from someone outside country (it isn’t as multi-kulti as Kraków or even Wrocław), but can be fun.

    Poznań is worth a visit too, although a lot uglier from Kraków. I have been living there for a year and half, nice memories.

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