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Back to a podcast with just myself! Been a while, I’ll tell ya.

Get my latest book which has a nice little Tinder bonus.

Tired of living a life where the girls get away from you because of technology? Join Tinder & Texting University and learn how to utilize technology to improve YOUR dating life.

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  • ten zły

    While in Poland you may wanna checkout it is most popular site as far as I know.
    Badoo i quite popular too.

    • I definitely will. I’ve heard good things about Polish Cupid, as well.

      • ten zły

        Well… It is just dating site with all usual pros and cons. But it’s quite popular so I always could go out on date or two weekly easily without much effort. You being foreigner will probably have much easier time with it, as girls in Poland are crazy for some foreign cocks.

      • How much is a monthly subscription?

      • ten zły

        Less than 18 PLN

      • Crazy cheap. too bad there isn’t a built in English version.

      • For other readers: 18 PLN = $4.76 USD.

        Cheaper than Tinder.

  • Bullitt315

    I don’t think you need to learn how to cold approach before online dating (it wouldn’t hurt but it’s not necessary). If you’re not good with women, start going out with less attractive women who don’t intimidate you. Don’t be too picky, and get some practice. There’s nothing more pathetic than a guy who can’t get laid who has completely unrealistic standards. If you can only get 5/6’s, that’s probably telling you something. Nice thing about being a guy is you can actually boost yourself a few points. You can always improve yourself while practicing with homely girls. Just don’t knock one up…

    • As much as that makes sense on paper, to an extent I agree. BUT…I think the majority of guys would use it as a crutch and then never learn to approach.

      For example, I could never tell one of my students this and encourage them to start with online dating. There’s no insurance they would ever need to learn to cold approach then if they got good at it…

      Good comment though, food for thought.

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