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SPECIAL GUEST: Mark Braivo of Vigor & Spirit

In episode 018 of Troublesome Radio, Mark and I discuss…

  • His divorce story – no holds barred.
  • Can marriages be saved? Mark chimes in on his perspective regarding nuclear families.
  • Monogamy vs. non-monogamy in regards to marriage and relationships.
  • How he’s recovered over the five year process.
  • Red flags to heed when you’re dating crazy girls.
  • How he deals with the societal pressures of raising kids (i.e. daughter encouraged to be a slut, sons encouraged to be pussies).
  • Mark also recently posted a 3-part series on my friend Christian McQueen’s blog – it’s an excellent read.

Mark blogs at Vigor & Spirit (his recent site redesign done by yours truly!) and you can find him on Twitter @MBraivo.

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  • UntamedMan

    Great to finally hear your story Mark. This podcast was very insightful for men of all ages.

    • That’s flattering and awesome to hear.

      I (and I’m sure Mark) appreciate it.

    • Thank you, I appreciate the response. I don’t always like to relive that story, but sharing helps guys going through the same. Glad to do it.

  • Tom

    Great stuff, as a red pill aware guy, I can appreciate the perspective here. The is alot of practial advice.

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