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Weekly Recap & Bachelor Travels Update

I’ve decided it would be a far more effective use of my time to simply link over to Bachelor Travels on a weekly basis, for those of you interested in learning how to travel for free with miles and points.

A quick summary of posts from This Is Trouble is below, too.

Bachelor Travels Recap

This week I wrote about getting my $250 airfare credit with my Citi Prestige card (click here to read it).

I have to fly from Sacramento to Los Angeles, and so I bought a one way ticket on Delta for $80.10. The transaction completed on January 12th, and on January 15th (the day my statement closes), my Citi Prestige credit for 2016 posted.

citi prestige

Now, I still have $160 in credit, so I’ll get the remaining Citi Prestige card credit on future flights I book. If I had purchased a flight for $300, this credit simply would have posted as $250, and reimbursed my Citi Prestige card credit in one swoop.

It’s that simple! Just like that I have (part of) my Citi Prestige card credit.

If you’re interested in getting a Citi Prestige card and want to support Bachelor Travels, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to send you a referral link.

This Is Trouble Recap

The big news obviously is that you’ve got roughly another 20 hours to get the ultimate online dating package for $37 (over $125 in value). After today the price is going up.

Lots of good stuff coming this week too. Stay tuned!

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