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miss universe 2015

Miss Universe Contestants 2015 Rankings

I a top 14 of Miss Universe contestants in 2014, and plan to make it an annual tradition. And yes I am a few days late.

As always, comments are welcome. Who was your favorite Miss Universe 2015 contestant?

Miss Universe Contestants 2015 Ranking Criteria

1.) This is purely beauty based – we aren’t evaluating their “talents” or degrees.

2.) I’m using the swimsuit photo gallery of Miss Universe Contestants, which is located here. I want to get a good idea of their figure as well as avoid the natural inclination for more “wow” makeup with the gowns and costumes. There are 80 total contestants, so to make things simple I’m only using the initial swimsuit photo gallery. I realize that upon closer inspection, maybe I’d change the order around – but going through all 80 in detail is more effort than I care to give on this.

3.) Let’s face it, all these girls have rocking bods. A pretty face goes a long way here.

4.) I generally prefer light skinned brunettes but I’m trying to be as unbiased as possible.

5.) Finally, let’s be frank. All of us would gladly do any one of these girls.

Miss Universe 2015 Contestants – Honorable 5

So…let’s start with the 5 who didn’t make the final cut. These are not in any specific order.

Miss Australia

Super cute, just doesn’t have the “wow” sex appeal of some of the others.

miss universe contestants australia

Miss Uruguay

miss universe contestants uruguay

Miss Kosovo

Another example of why women should have long hair. Frankly, there’s a good chance this girl is near the top of my rankings if her hair was the length of the others.

miss universe contestants kosovo

Miss Bulgaria

miss universe contestants bulgaria

Miss USA

Might have made the cut if she wasn’t American.

miss universe contestants usa

Top 15 of ’15 Miss Universe Contestants

Let’s go!

#15 – Miss Costa Rica

miss universe contestants costa rica

#14 – Miss France

miss universe contestants france

#13 – Miss Lebanon

miss universe contestants lebanon

#12 – Miss Haiti

Tossed up between her and France over who should be higher. I mostly picked Miss Haiti because I think she’s got a better hip/waist ratio.

miss universe contestants haiti

#11 – Miss Aruba

So sultry…

miss universe contestants aruba

#10 – Miss Curaco

miss universe contestants curaco

# 9 – Miss Ukraine

miss universe contestants ukraine

#8 – Miss Albania

Reminds me of Eva Green in Casino Royale.

miss universe contestants albania

#7 – Miss Netherlands

miss universe contestants netherlands

#6 – Miss Norway

I suspect major eye photoshopping…but hey, it works for me.

miss universe contestants norway

#5 – Miss Dominican Republic

I am fairly certain that most Dominican girls are far darker and fatter than this.

miss universe contestants dr

#4 – Miss Russia

miss universe contestants russia

#3 – Miss Slovak Republic

miss universe contestants slovakia

#2 – Miss Ireland

Future Playboy covergirl if she wanted. She’s got the exact look for it.

miss universe contestants ireland

#1 – Miss Portugal

I’m kinda surprised she ended up her, but something about her I like. Pale skin, dark complexion, great smile, fantastic hip/waist. She just has a door next girl vibe that I like.

But really, you could have flipped a coin on the last six for me and I wouldn’t have argued much.

miss universe contestants portgul

That wraps up my 2015 Miss Universe contestants ranking!

Again, the gallery of Miss Universe contestants is here for you to make your own rankings.

What do you think of my rankings? How would you rank the ’15 Miss Universe contestants?

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  • Oliver Maerk

    My favorite
    is Miss Netherlands.

  • Dan

    Kind of funny when loser guys try to rank beautiful women. Dream on.

    • Kind of funny when anonymous guys on the internet talk big.

      • Dan

        And who are you, lil guy?

      • sway

        Seems silly to question who he is, you chose to come to his blog.

      • Dan

        The lil guy used “anonymous.”

    • escoslimlupe

      Nah, the guy is managing a blog that offers value.
      Watchu doing round here, b?

  • Miss USA should have been top 15 – c’mon!! However, you are spot on about Dominican women looking nothing like that one.

    • Kyle Trouble

      Who would you have swapped out for her, dude?! Maybe it’s cause I live in LA but her smile just isn’t as lively as the others…looks fake to me.

      But I may just be prejudiced.

    • Who would you have swapped out for her, dude?! Maybe it’s cause I live in LA but her smile just isn’t as lively as the others…looks fake to me.

      But I may just be prejudiced.

      • Miss France really did nothing for me. You know I need more “thickness” than that 😉

      • Okay. I can give you that. In hindsight I would swap her for Australia. But I didn’t want to be racist. Who knows if SJWs are prowling my blog…;)

        Definitely not enough thickness for our third musketeer anywhere on this list. Ha!

      • Ha I’m not sure he could even get hard for any of these slender babes ;(

  • NightRider101

    is it just me, or do they look anorexic? They should add some fine latinas with big booty. Not fat but just enough meat. I feel like they were on diet before this lol.

    I would actually say Miss USA looks the best out of all surprisingly.

    • A couple of them (France & DR for example) do indeed look pretty skinny. But overall I wouldn’t say any of them look anorexic.

      Compared to most of the land whales in the US they do though, heh.

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